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Areas of Research

Across Clemson’s main campus—and extended to Clemson’s satellite campuses—you’ll find Clemson faculty, researchers, and students engaged in research.


Julian Brinkley

Algorithms and Data Structure

Brian Dean Wayne Goddard Sandra Hedetniemi Ilya Safro


Robert Geist Don House Sophie Joerg Ioannis Karamouzas Jerry Tessendorf Yin Yang Victor Zordan

Appearance Modeling

Daljit Singh Dhillon

Artificial Intelligence

Bart Knijnenburg

Big Data

Amy Apon Alex Herzog


Brian Dean Eileen Kraemer Feng Luo James Wang

Cloud Computing

James Wang

Collaborative Technologies

Guo Freeman Nathan McNeese Paige Rodeghero

Combinatorial Optimization

Brian Dean Ilya Safro

Computational Social Science

Alex Herzog

Computer Architecture

Mark Smotherman Rong Ge

Computer Graphics

Daljit Singh Dhillon Andrew Duchowski Robert Geist Don House Federico Iuricich Sophie Joerg Ioannis Karamouzas Jerry Tessendorf Yin Yang Victor Zordan

Computer-Mediated Communication

Guo Freeman

Computer Science Education

Brian Dean Robert Geist Brian Malloy Roy Pargas Murali Sitaraman Eileen Kraemer

Computer Vision

Andrew Duchowski Yin Yang

Data Mining and Machine Learning

Brian Dean Feng Luo Ilya Safro James Wang Alex Herzog


Feng Luo James Wang

Eye Tracking

Andrew Duchowski Don House Paige Rodeghero


Guo Freeman Brian Malloy Sophie Joerg Andrew Robb Victor Zordan

Graph Theory

Wayne Goddard Sandra Hedetniemi Ilya Safro Pradip Srimani

Healthcare Informatics

Kelly Caine Nathan McNeese

High Performance Computing

Amy Apon Robert Geist Rong Ge Shuangshuang Jin

Human Computer Interaction

Sabarish Babu Kelly Caine Andrew Duchowski Guo Freeman Larry Hodges Bart Knijnenburg Nathan McNeese Andrew Robb Paige Rodeghero

Information Retrieval

Nathan McNeeseJames Wang

Intelligent Virtual Agents

Andrew Robb

Mobile & Pervasive Computing

Long Cheng Jacob Sorber

Motion Capture

Sophie Joerg Victor Zordan

Multimedia Systems

James Wang


Long Cheng Hongxin Hu Jim Martin Pradip Srimani

Operating Systems

Robert Geist Jim Martin Mark Smotherman Jacob Sorber

Parallel & Distributed Computing

Amy Apon Rong Ge Alex Herzog Shuangshuang Jin Jim Martin Pradip Srimani James Wang


Sabarish Babu Andrew Duchowski Sophie Joerg Don House Andrew Robb

Programming Languages

Brian Malloy Murali Sitaraman Jacob Sorber


Ioannis Karamouzas Yin Yang

Scientific Computing

Shuangshuang Jin Ilya Safro Yin Yang

Security & Privacy

Kelly Caine Long Cheng Hongxin Hu Jim Martin Nathan McNeese Jacob Sorber Bart Knijnenburg

Self-Driving Vehicles

Julian Brinkley

Sensor Networks

Long Cheng Jacob Sorber

Social Computing

Guo Freeman

Software Architecture

John McGregor

Software Engineering

Hongxin Hu Eileen Kraemer John McGregor Paige Rodeghero Murali Sitaraman

Software Verification & Formal Methods

John McGregor Murali Sitaraman

Surface Geometry

Daljit Singh Dhillon

User-centric Aspects of Recommender Systems

Bart Knijnenburg

Virtual Reality and Environments

Sabarish Babu Andrew Duchowski Guo Freeman Sophie Joerg Larry Hodges Bart Knijnenburg Nathan McNeese Andrew Robb Paige Rodeghero Victor Zordan


Sabarish Babu Don House Federico Iuricich Yin Yang