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The School of Computing prides itself on groundbreaking research on developing new technologies and understanding how technology can better shape the world. World-class faculty, graduate and undergraduate researchers collaborate with each other and across disciplines in the pursuit of discovery.

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Hongxin Hu


Hongxin Hu
My research interests centrally focus on the area of Cyber Security. More specifically, I strive to ground my current research in practical problems with an eye towards developing effective solutions to address realistic security issues created by today’s emerging technologies and systems, such as Software-Defined Networking (SDN), Network Function Virtualization (NFV), Internet of Things (IoT), social networks, mobile computing, and cloud computing.


  • Amy Apon receives $1M from NSF.
  • Andrew Robb receives NSF CHS award.
  • Ilya Safro receives NSF EAGER award.
  • Andrew Duchowski receives NSF EAGER award.
  • Eileen Kraemer and Murali Sitaraman become co-PIs on a new NSF Award.
  • Hongxin Hu receives $3M to research cyberattack defenses [read more]
  • Feng Luo receives $4.3 million grant to help develop cure for Huanglongbing [read more]
  • Sophie Joerg received a CAREER award titled "Perceptually Guided Hand Motion Synthesis"
  • Kelly Caine and Jacob Sorber received an ABR (accomplishment-based renewal) of their collaborative NSF grant with Dartmouth, titled "Computational Jewelry for Mobile Health"
  • Hongxin Hu has three new grants awarded: "SciGuard: Building a Security Architecture for Science DMZ based on SDN and NFV Technologies", NSF, Lead PI; "Development of a Security Platform for Vehicle to Infrastructure Network", Southeastern Transportation Center (University of Tennessee), co-PI; and "SouthEast SciEntific Cybersecurity for University Research", NSF, co-PI 

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