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The School of Computing prides itself on groundbreaking research on developing new technologies and understanding how technology can better shape the world. World-class faculty, graduate and undergraduate researchers collaborate with each other and across disciplines in the pursuit of discovery.

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Guo Freeman


Guo Freeman
My research interests, broadly construed, focus on HCI (Human-Computer Interaction), CSCW (Computer-Supported Cooperative Work), and Social Computing. Specifically, I use a human-centered approach to investigate how interactive technologies (e.g., multiplayer online games, eSports, live streaming, VR/AR, social media, and IoT) shape interpersonal relationships and collective behavior so as to design and develop more inclusive, supportive, and fulfilling collaborative systems. Recently, I received a CHS CRII award from the National Science Foundation to redesign democratized technology and broaden citizen participation in bottom-up technological innovation. This research will contribute actionable insights concerning two key issues about democratizing technology: technological practices remain exclusive in terms of privileged users, and participation in decision-making is unequal. It will do so by exploring two emerging, creativity-centric technology communities as case studies - activist and non-profit oriented independent game developers and creative live streamers.


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