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Computing at Clemson offers a nationally-recognized faculty that prides itself on the quality of its teaching and a wide range of research areas. Students majoring in one of our three undergraduate degrees take a common computing core curriculum, which exposes students to a variety of programming languages (e.g., C, C++, and Java) and fundamental concepts. Each degree then layers on a different combination of additional coursework to augment the core.

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The College of Engineering, Computing & Applied Sciences is offering virtual online information sessions with the ability to attend a major-specific breakout session afterward.

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Artificial intelligence bolsters both the economy and national security. AIRISE helps prepare Clemson to compete for research grants at a federal level by combining resources with a global focus.



Two SOC faculty members bring home career awards

Ioannis Karamouzas is developing new algorithms and navigation techniques for robots. The research focuses on helping indoor, mobile robots coexist with humans in populated areas, such as homes and workspaces.

Bart Knijnenburg is working on a recommender system to help its users figure out their long-term goals and stay on a path to achieving them. The system was inspired by the technology that recommends movies on Netflix and music on Spotify.

Image of 10 faculty award winners

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