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Cooperative Education

The Cooperative Education Program enables students to alternate semesters of wStudent at Co-opork and study in order to gain practical experience in their chosen fields while pursuing their educational goals. A basic goal of the program is to help bridge the gap between the academic community and the world of work. Cooperative Education, as the term implies, represents a partnership between the University and various participating industry, business and government organizations. It is not a summer job program.

Three work periods are required to obtain the minimum 12 months of experience needed to qualify for the Cooperative Education Certificate, awarded with the degree at graduation. Students who will have senior status by the time they report to work may seek an assignment consisting of two work periods but will not earn the co-op certificate.

Students should complete at least 27 semester hours with a minimum 2.45 GPA before beginning their first work term. Some employers require more semester hours completed and higher grade points than the above criteria. Transfer students may begin work after their first semester at Clemson University. Students should directly contact Cooperative Education to acquire additional information about the program such as the many advantages for students.

Clemson University Co-op Program