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Electrical and computer engineers have been uniquely responsible for developing many of the innovations that have brought us modern life, and are urgently needed today to help solve a variety of global problems, including challenges related to energy, communications, health care, global warming, and national security. Specifically, electrical and computer engineers create innovative technology solutions in a wide range of areas, from handheld communications to solar panels; from cardiac pace makers to autonomous robots; from wireless networks to bio-engineered sensors that detect dangerous pathogens, and intelligent surveillance systems that perform face and motion recognition.

Electrical engineering underpins many other engineering disciplines, encompassing biomedical devices technology, microelectronics, information systems, wireless communications and signal processing, power systems, lasers and optics, electronic devices, computer software-hardware integration, and control systems. Computer engineering involves the fusion of electrical engineering, computer science, and mathematical analysis for the design, development, testing, and evaluation of computer-vision systems, robots, microprocessors, supercomputers, security/cryptographic systems, and network protocols.

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