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Optoelectronics research

The research programs in Electrical and Computer Engineering are supported by both federal and industrial funding as well as numerous state-of-the-art research laboratories. The research programs of the department cover a wide spectrum of activities in the primary disciplines of communications, electromagnetics, mechatronics, electronics, photonics, computer architecture, power systems, and software enabled systems. The department is equipped with an extensive computer facility consisting of a variety of state-of-the art mainframes, workstations, and personal computers located in several open laboratories and in a large number of specialized research laboratories. In addition, there are many specialized research laboratories and centers supporting activities in speech and image processing, communications systems, wireless networks, robotics, control systems, computer architecture, VLSI design and testing, semiconductor materials and devices, photonics, fiber optics, microwave circuits, power systems, power electronics, computational electromagnetics, vehicle electronics, and plasma science. For organizational purposes, the department’s research activities are clustered into the focus areas given below. To view some research related videos, scroll to the bottom of the page.

Applied Electromagnetics - Faculty: Anthony Q. Martin, Liang Dong, Todd Hubing, Eric Johnson, Pingshan Wang, Hai Xiao, and Lin Zhu.

Circuits - Faculty: Richard Groff, Liang Dong, Rod Harrell, Pingshan Wang and Yingjie Lao.

Communications Systems and Networks - Faculty: Harlan Russell, Carl Baum, Dan Noneaker, Michael Pursley, and K.C. Wang.

Computer Systems Architecture - Faculty: Richard Brooks, Jon C. CalhounAdam Hoover, Yingjie LaoWalt Ligon, Sally McKeeRobert SchalkoffMelissa SmithIan Walker, and Yongqiang Wang.

Digital Signal Processing - Faculty: Carl Baum and Robert Schalkoff.

Electronics - Faculty: W. Rod Harrell, Eric G. JohnsonGoutam Koley, Yingjie Lao, Judson RyckmanRajendra Singh, Pingshan Wang, and Lin Zhu.

Intelligent Systems - Faculty: Richard Brooks, Richard Groff, Adam Hoover, Yingjie LaoRobert SchalkoffMelissa SmithKumar Venayagamoorthy, Ian Walker, and Yongqiang Wang.

Photonic Devices and SystemsLiang DongEric Johnson, Judson RyckmanHai Xiao, and Lin Zhu.

Power and Energy Systems - The power and energy systems group focus on traditional electrical power systems as well as modern applications of renewable energy.  Research projects are carried out in specific topics such as electric machinery, electric vehicles, microgrids, power systems analysis, power system security, and smart grids. Faculty: Sukumar Brahma, Randy Collins, Johan Enslin, Ramtin Hadidi, Rajendra Singh, and Kumar Venayagamoorthy.

Joint programs are maintained with other units within the College of Engineering, Computing and Applied Sciences, as well as with the Center for Optical Materials Science and Engineering Technologies, Clemson Computing & Information Technology unit, Clemson University International Center for Automotive Research, Center for Bioelectronics, Biosensors and Biochips, Institute for Biological Interfaces of Engineering, and Institute for Intelligent Materials and Systems for Architecture. Opportunities also exist for programs of study in conjunction with many national laboratories and technical facilities.