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Structure of the SURE Program

The SURE program provides undergraduates from around the United States with a unique opportunity to participate in graduate-level research in the area of solid-state devices and materials under the supervision of a leading faculty researcher in the field.  The underlying research paradigm is materials-to-devices, and the program encompasses many aspects of materials and the devices produced from those materials.  Although an individual student will focus on more specific aspects of solid-state technology, coordinated activities with other student and faculty participants will broaden that individual experience substantially.

2024 Summer Program dates: TBA

The structure of the SURE program provides student participants with the many diverse research related opportunities:

  • Collaboration with faculty mentors on research topics of current interest in Electronics, Photonics, and Magnetics.
  • Interaction with the faculty mentor’s graduate students and participation in group meetings, reflecting the way most graduate-level research is conducted.
  • Experience 10 weeks of graduate-level research before making a firm commitment to graduate school.
  • Learn strategies for seeking and evaluating graduate programs in one’s area of interest.
  • Attend seminars on a variety of topics in Electronics, Photonics, and Magnetics.
  • Enhance written and oral technical communication skills.
  • Learn about the ethics of professional conduct in engineering and science.
  • Evaluate and focus individual career interests.