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Judson D. Ryckman

Judson RyckmanAssociate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Ph.D., 2013 - Vanderbilt University 
Electrical Engineering
B.E., 2008 - Vanderbilt University
Electrical Engineering

Contact Information
Office: 207C Riggs Hall
Office Phone: 864.656.5907

Nanophotonics Laboratory Website

Professional Background  

Dr. Judson Ryckman received the B.E. and Ph.D. degrees in electrical engineering in 2008 and 2013, respectively, from Vanderbilt University.  Through his dissertation work, entitled ‘Porous and Phase Change Nanomaterials for Photonic Applications’, he has tackled problems in photonics spanning areas in nano-fabrication, sensing, and integrated optics. Following his graduation, he joined Intel Labs as a Research Scientist in the silicon photonics organization.  In his work at Intel, he supported the development of next generation silicon photonic components for datacom applications. Through that position he worked closely with world-class fab and packaging partners while contributing in the transition of silicon photonics from research into commercial products.  Dr. Ryckman serves on the committee of technical conferences such as IEEE Optical Interconnects and is a reviewer for numerous journals published by IEEE and OSA. 

Research Interests

Dr. Ryckman’s research interests lie in the development and application of photonic platforms to solve problems in areas of sensing, biomedicine, food-safety, and computing/communications. Some specific topics of study include: integrated optical devices and passives, visible/IR wavelength integrated optics and sensors, photonic nanocavities, novel nano-fabrication techniques, spatial-mode and diffraction phenomena, ultra-high surface area nano-materials, and opto-electronic devices for trace-level biosensing.