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Joachim Taiber

Joachim TaiberResearch Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Ph.D. - 1996, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
Technical Sciences
B.S. - 1991, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
Mechanical Engineering 

Contact Information:
Office: CU-ICAR, 4 Research Drive, Greenville 
Office Phone: 864.283.7233

Prior to coming to Clemson in 2010, Dr. Joachim Taiber was heading the Information Technology Research Office at the BMW ITRC (Information Technology Research Center) at CUICAR (Clemson University International Center of Automotive Research). He designed and implemented an open innovation business model with leading information & communication technology companies as a first of its kind in the automotive industry at this center. Since the ITRC started its operation in 2005 he completed more than 50 research projects in close cooperation with universities, especially in cooperation with faculty members from ECE, School of Computing and Mechanical Engineering at Clemson University. He also created a 4G wireless communication infrastructure at a high-speed track which is considered the first of its kind in the automotive industry.

Prior to his assignment at the ITRC in 2005, Dr. Joachim Taiber worked at BMW AG in Munich, Germany, in the following functions since 1997: first as a senior in-house consultant for product development, then as IT program manager and senior IT strategist and finally as head of IT innovation management and IT benchmarking. During this time frame Dr. Joachim Taiber pioneered a corporate e-business initiative for product development and telematics resulting in a major change of the IT organization and the creation of a best-in-class innovation management process considering start-up’s and venture capital companies and linking the Enterprise IT community with the business process community. He also established the first collaborative Automotive IT benchmarking process of its kind using a balanced scorecard approach.

Between 1995 and 1997 Dr. Taiber was responsible for strategic product planning as well as for building a software development team at a Swiss CAD/CAM/PDM-start-up company working in close research collaboration with the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. Dr. Joachim Taiber served as vice-chairman of the Educational Service Broadband commission in South Carolina until the commission successfully completed its task in 2009. He also served as member of the executive board of the Electrical and Computer Engineering faculty of Clemson University since 2006 when he was with BMW. He serves currently as chair of the subcommittee Automotive Standards of IEEE IES. He is member of ACM, IEEE, IES and VDI (Association of German Engineers).

Current Research Interests
Dr. Joachim Taiber’s current research interests are centered around Clean Transportation and Advanced Vehicle Communication. Especially the following topics are in his research focus:

  • Data connectivity between fast moving vehicles and the IT backend infrastructure using secure wireless networks
  • Power and data connectivity concepts and standards between electrical vehicles and the power and communication grid
  • Simulation and verification in real testbeds of use cases and applications for connected vehicles using V2I (vehicle to infrastructure), I2V (infrastructure to vehicle) concepts
  •  Simulation and verification in real testbeds of clean transportation concepts considering new business models as well as new power train, energy storage and power transfer technologies

Dr. Taiber is responsible for a new infrastructure initiative between Clemson University and the South Carolina Technology Aviation Center (SC-TAC) to support interdisciplinary research on Clean Transportation and the Connected Vehicle in cooperation with leading industry partners.