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Tao Wei

Tao WeiProfessor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Ph.D., 2011 - Missouri University of Science and Technology 
Electrical Engineering
M.S., 2008 - Missouri University of Science and Technology 
Electrical Engineering
B.S., 2006 - Nanjing University of Technology
Mechanical Engineering

Contact Information
Office: 336 Fluor Daniel Building

 About the PI:
Dr. Wei earned his BS from Nanjing University of Technology in 2006 and his MS and PhD from the University of Missouri Rolla (now Missouri S&T) in 2008 and 2011. He started as an Assistant Professor at the University of Rhode Island in 2012, became an Associate Professor in 2017, and a Full Professor in 2022. As of 2023, he serves as a Professor at Clemson University and is the Director of the NEXT Lab. He also coordinates the Clemson Cadence Project and holds an adjunct position at the University of Rhode Island. His research is funded by NSF, ONR, NASA, and private industry partners, and he was the recipient of the ONR YIP award in 2017. Outside academia, Dr. Wei enjoys playing lunchtime basketball at Fike and is an avid tennis player.

 Research Interests:

  • Reconfigurable Computing on both Networked FPGA Cluster and Edge Devices
  • Domain-Specific Architecture (DSA) Design for Algorithm Acceleration (Scientific Computing and Optimization Algorithms, including Machine Learning)
  • Mixed-Signal Circuit Design (Analog, Digital, and Optics) for Sensor and Sensing Systems
  • Applied Machine Learning