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Seminar Schedule

Seminars are Friday at 2:30 p.m.
Locations are: Fall - Rich Lab Spring - Campus

Past seminars that have a recording for viewing are linked in the title.


Day Topic Speaker
12        Tapping into the Potential for Biochemical Production in Non-Conventional Yeast                         Mark Blenner (Clemson University)
19 “Years Of Living Dangerously”  A Dangerous Future - Documentary
26 Climate Change and Coastal Urbanization: A Recipe for Disaster for Coastal Ecosystem and Human Health Geoff Scott (University of South Carolina)


Day Topic Speaker
02 TBA Haruko Wainwright (Lawrence Berkeley National Lab)
09 Video showing of documentary “What Comes Out” made by Grace Beeler, North Carolina State University
16 TBA Negin Kananizadeh (Clemson University)
23 TBA Frank Holleman (Southern Environmental Law Center)


Day   Topic                                                           Speaker
02  TBA Paige Novak (University of Minnesota, Twin Cities)
09 TBA Katherine Zodrow (Montana Tech of the University of Montana)
16 TBA Crawford Elliott (Georgia State University)
30 TBA Zhen He (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University)


Day  Topic                                                           Speaker
06 Water disinfection Karl Linden (University of Colorado Boulder)
13 Numerical modeling for water treatment Joel Ducoste (North Carolina State University)
20 TBA Frank Dunnivant (Whitman College)