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ESED Doctoral Alumni

AUE Contacts
Alumni Dissertation Graduation Disciplinary Background Institutional Affiliation
Charity Watson Using Factors of Socioeconomic Status, Family Support, and Academic Preparation to Explain the Black-White Gap in Mathematics Achievement and Participation 2012 Mathematics Florida International University
Allison Godwin Understanding Female Engineering Enrollment: Explaining Choice with Critical Engineering Agency 2014 Chemical Engineering Purdue University
Adam Kirn The Influences of Engineering Student Motivation on Short-Term Tasks and Long-Term Goals 2014 Bioengineering University of Nevada, Reno
Tyler Scott Chasing Polys: Interdisciplinary Affinity and its Connection to Physics Identity 2014 Physics Grace College
Courtney Faber Epistemic Cognition During Problem Solving 2015 Bioengineering University of Tennesse Knoxville
Eliza Gallagher On Becoming a Graduate Student Teacher of Mathematics 2016 Mathematics Clemson University
Jennifer Van Dyken The Effects of Mathematics Placement on Successful Completion of an Engineering Degree and how One Student Beat the Odds 2016 Mathematics Clemson University
Gustavo Moran Effects of Mismatched Math Self-Efficacy and Performance on Behaviors and Attitudes of Engineering Students with Poor Math Preparation 2016 Mathematics Instituto Tecnológico de Durango, Mexico
Rachel Anderson Student Development as Cross-Disciplinary Team Members: Real-Time Observations of Student Experiences During a Team Project 2017 Mechanical Engineering Clemson University
Justine Chasmar Connections between future time perspectives and self-regulated learning for mid-year engineering students: a multiple case study 2017 Mathematics Goucher College
Aubrie Pfirman Exploring Underrepresented Doctoral Students' Conceptualizations of the Student-Advisor Relationship in Chemistry 2018 Chemistry Lander University
Catherine McGough A Mixed Methods Study on Mid-Year Engineering Students' Perceptions of Their Future Possible Careers 2019 Electrical Engineering Minnesota State University Mankato
Staci Johnson Cognitive Processes in Undergraduate Anatomy and Physiology Courses 2019 Biology Southern Wesleyan University
Shannon Stefl Women Engineering Faculty Well-Being: An Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis 2020 Astrophysics Clemson University
Victoria Sellers Assessment of Affective Responses to Classroom, Outdoor, and Virtual Geology Field Experiences 2020 Geology University of Florida
Paran Norton Exploring the Relationship Between Course Structures and Student Motivation in Introductory College Calculus: A Self-Determination Theory Perspective 2020 Mathematics Clemson University
Dennis Lee Argument as a Context to Understand Students' Biology Epistemology 2020 Biology BSCS Science Learning
Khushi Patel Student Conceptualization of Stoichiometry 2020 Chemistry Susquehanna University
Katherine Ehlert Student Perceptions of Learning in Cooperative Education Experiences, An Embedded Mixed Methods Study 2020 Mechanical Engineering Miami University
Baker Martin An Investigation of Engineering Majors: Graduates' Enrollment Timelines and First-Year Students' Perceptions and Exploration 2021 Chemical Engineering University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Catherine Kenyon Assessing What We Value: Interactions Between Student Perceptions of Assessments in the Calculus Classroom and Their Future-oriented Motivation 2023 Mathematical Sciences Clemson University
Abby Boyd Dissertation: A Mixed Methods Analysis of Influences Surrounding Undergraduate Science Recruitment: Identifying Challenges and Opportunities 2023 Chemistry Colorado School of Mines
Steven Edalgo Exploring Transfer Student's Perceptions of Their Transition Experience in Calculus 2 at a Research Intensive Institution: A Schlossberg's and Tinto's Theory Approach 2023 Mathematics North Greenville University
Becky Tugman Supporting Nontenure Faculty in Documenting Teaching Effectiveness in a Faculty Learning Community 2023 Public Health Sciences Clemson University