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About the Department

The Department of Engineering and Science Education (ESED) is a dynamic community of scholars engaged in ground-breaking research that seeks to understand the connection between motivation and learning in engineering education, the role of social capital in determining academic and career choices, approaches to problem-solving, and more. ESED offers a PhD and a certificate in Engineering and Science Education. The certificate program is open to any graduate student pursuing a PhD in a STEM discipline.

The future of US and international innovation lies in the teaching of the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) disciplines because the traditional workforce is contracting. Individuals from groups who are not well represented in the traditional workforce can be inspired to pursue careers in the STEM disciplines at all levels in order to fuel innovation. Through the research of its faculty and students, ESED creates new knowledge that informs US and international education policy as well as instruction in higher education about methods and practices that will attract, motivate, and retain new talent in the STEM disciplines. In support of its vision and mission, ESED also prepares future academics and professionals who will serve as inspiring role models.