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Our community of practice brings together graduate students and faculty from bioengineering, chemistry, civil engineering, electrical engineering, environmental engineering and science, materials science and engineering, mathematics, mechanical engineering, and physics to engage in cutting-edge research in epistemologies, diversity and inclusiveness, policy, and learning mechanisms and systems. Our community includes undergraduate researchers, post-doctoral scholars, and visiting researchers in our academic endeavors.

Ph.D. Program

The Department of Engineering and Science Education is the only department in the country that includes both engineering education and science education in a College of Science/Engineering. This establishes the Ph.D. degree at Clemson University as a nationally unique graduate program; faculty members are experts in several areas of science and engineering education and have active research programs in these fields. Students who enroll in this program will be expected to be content experts in a STEM discipline with at least a Master's degree in their subject area of expertise.

Ph.D. program

Graduate Certificate

The Certificate program addresses specific aspects of engineering and science education including training on education research methods, exposure to current practices in post-secondary STEM education, and practical experience in teaching in engineering and science. This experience is designed for students seeking formal experience in preparation for an academic career, who want to expand their understanding of the education process in STEM disciplines, or who are interested in furthering their knowledge of discipline-based education research.

Certificate program

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