Call Me Doctor® Fellows

Call Me Doctor® Fellow Jordan Gilmore Fulfills Research Passions through IBIOE

Jordan GilmoreAs a young boy, the “toy” Jordon Gilmore most wanted was a microscope or a chemistry set.  His love of all things science continued with him through middle and high school in the Charlotte, North Carolina area.  Gilmore, now a first year PhD graduate student, hopes one day to be called “Doctor” through IBIOE’s Call Me Doctor® fellowship program.;

Gilmore took a drafting class in high school that sparked his love of engineering.  After attending a summer engineering camp at North Carolina State University, he knew engineering was for him. Gilmore was recruited by several schools to play football, but chose The Citadel because of their strong engineering program.  Gilmore started as a civil engineering major, but switched to electrical engineering when he realized he loved the idea of using computers to interface with the outside world.


Call Me Doctor® Fellow Karla Romero Has Always Been Curious about the “What If’s”

Karla RomeroCall Me Doctor® fellow Karla Romero always had a knack for working with her hands. Romero remembers as a child building an elaborate pulley system that allowed her to turn on and off her lights from her bed without having to get up and walk across the room. She would constantly tinker with computers, accidentally breaking them and then having to build them back. I was always asking myself, “what if we pulled that apart, added this, used that?” By the time Romero reached high school at an engineered focused boarding school in her home country of Puerto Rico, she had realized that electrical engineering was her calling.

As a college intern at General Motors in Flint, Michigan, she worked on the production line at one of their manufacturing plants. She got to program robots that were on the line. She implemented safety features outfitting the robots with sensors that would halt the production line when a factory worker needed to cross a path.


Call Me Doctor® Fellow Megan Casco Has Known for a Long Time that Engineering Was Her Destiny

MeganFirst year bioengineering graduate student and newly appointed IBIOE Call Me Doctor® fellow Megan Casco has known for a long time that engineering was her destiny. 

 “I remember exactly where I was when I decided I wanted to be an engineer,” she laughs.  “I was riding with my Dad in the car and he turns around and looks at me and says now that I was in the 7th grade it was time to decide my college major.”  

She realized she was always very good in math and science so, at the age of 12, she decided engineering was for her.  It wasn’t until a few years down the road while expressing her fascination with medicine and the medical industry to her chemistry teacher when she heard the term “bioengineering” for the first time.  Her high school teacher nudged her towards the field and she was set on her career path.