The Sixth Annual Micrograph Competition!

We Are Hosting Our 3rd Annual Micrograph Competition!The HOOKEd on Microscopy Light Micrograph Competition is sponsored by the Light Imaging Facility, and is open to the public with the intent of celebrating the importance of light microscopy for both art and scientific advancement. Prizes up to $300 are awarded in 2 categories: the Experts' Choice category and the People's Choice category. The 2019 winners and semi-finalists may be viewed here. Visit the Clemson Light Imaging Facility Facebook page to view all 2018 submissions and winners. Contact us at for questions.

Experts Choice Category

All submitted images will be given a score by our Expert panel. The images that receive the highest 3 scores will win first, second, and third place prizes. 

1st place winner - $300

2nd place winner - $200

3rd place winner - $100

People's Choice Category 

All submitted images will be posted on Facebook. The top 5 most like images on Facebook and at least 5 images selected by CLIF Staff will proceed as semifinalists. The semifinalists will be displayed at our voting events during the Fall of 2019, at Clemson University in various locations. At the conclusion of the contest, the image with the MOST total votes will be selected as the winner.

People's Choice winner - $100