Forestry and Environmental Conservation (FEC) Building

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Giving to: the Clemson University Capital Fund Quasi-Endowment

Clemson University Inspiration Project — Clemson Forestry and Environmental Conservation Building

The Capital Fund Quasi-Endowment provides Clemson University unrestricted funds for capital projects, including those that may have inspired you to give to this fund, such as the Forestry and Environmental Conservation Building.

Your gift to the Clemson University Capital Fund Quasi-Endowment will provide unrestricted support for University capital projects, including but not limited to new construction, expansion, renovation or replacement of existing facilities. When you make a gift to the Capital Fund Quasi-Endowment, you are investing in the far-reaching goals of the University and its comprehensive master facilities plan, which includes the Clemson Forestry and Environmental Conservation (FEC) Building, and making an impact for present and future students, faculty and staff.

The need for a dedicated Forestry and Environmental Conservation (FEC) Building on Clemson’s campus is driven by the escalating environmental and natural resource-based challenges facing our world today and the urgent demand for trained professionals to address these problems. As challenges continue to stack up, we are now engaging in the next generation of work on carbon sequestration, wildlife and fisheries restoration and sustainable forest management. By establishing this dedicated building, Clemson University can develop programs that educate students on these challenges and train the next generation of conservationists. 

Clemson University has been in the forestry business for over 70 years, and we understand that we must double our efforts to provide research, trained professionals and Extension programs to landowners and the public. What we have done in the past and need to do in the present are light years from each other, and a new FEC Building with modern laboratories, technology and infrastructure is critical to our role as a land-grant university.

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