About SC Crop Improvement Association

Organized and incorporated under the corporation laws of South Carolina in 1950, the Association is a private, not for profit, eleemosynary corporation.   The Association is self-supporting and receives no state appropriated funds. The Association operates under a memorandum of agreement with South Carolina Agriculture and Forestry Research System, Clemson University.  

Goals include:

  1. Promote the use of foundation, registered and certified classes of quality seed.
  2. Promote the use of public varieties (i.e. varieties developed by state experiment stations and/or USDA plant breeders.
  3. Encourage the production, conditioning, distribution and use of public varieties.

Management of the Association is vested in a nine member Board of Directors elected by the active membership of the Association. The board members are elected for three year terms. 

The Association contracts with branch experiment stations, individual growers and private companies for the production and, in some cases, processing and distribution of seed stock. Prices of seed are designed to cover cost of production and cost of maintaining the association.

Foundation soybean and small grain seed are available to anyone desiring same. When allocations are required, seed are allocated to South Carolina growers on the basis of their past record in the production of all classes of certified seed.

South Carolina Crop Improvement Association
Foundation Seed Program 
1162 Cherry Road
Clemson, SC