My Windows laptop is running slow. It used to be much faster. What can I do to speed it up?

Click here for some instructions to clean up your software on a Windows XP laptop.

Will we use our laptops in the classroom?

The extent of computer use in the classroom is at the discretion of the instructor. Some may require you to bring your computer to every class; others may only require them periodically; while some may not use laptops in their class at all. The instructor will inform the students when the laptops are needed.

Should I also bring my desktop computer or monitor to campus?

This is not recommended. Most dorm rooms are pretty small. Thus, we discourage desktop computers large add-on monitors for laptops because of space limitations. Moreover, students quickly learn how advantageous it is to have everything on a laptop that they can take everywhere - home, dorm, class, library, etc. Of course, some students still choose to bring these additional accessories along, and that is their choice.

Is it okay to install other software or file-sharing on my new laptop?

Click here to see the answer.

Is it okay to download music or video files?

You can only do so legally if you have purchased them.  Clemson students have been cited by the RIAA for downloading copyrighted music or video material! Please take a look at the video on http://www.campusdownloading.com/dvd.htm Remeber that it can cost you in many ways - including huge fines and a criminal record!  Netflix and Amazon Prime are cheap compared what it could cost you.

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