Warranty/Accidental Damage

What can I do if my warranty is ending or if it has ended and my Clemson laptop needs repairs?

For information on repairs for out of warranty Clemson laptops and extended warranties click here.

What if my laptop breaks during the summer or while I'm away from campus?

If you have a Dell laptop and are not near campus for any reason, you can contact Dell directly for hardware service anytime (dial 800-822-8965, when asked to describe the problem say "laptop technical support" ).

NOTE: There is no loaner service available if you choose this option.

What is covered by the Accidental Damage Coverage?

The warranty for the recommended recommended laptops covers all manufacturer's defects. The accidental damage coverage additionally covers accidental damage (such as dropping or drink spillage.)

The vendor warranty and accidental damage coverage does not normally cover any fire, theft, loss or non-accidental damage (such as vandalism) unless specifically stated in the contract. Clemson recommends adding a rider to your renter's policy or your parents homeowners policy to cover these issues. Click here to see some other options.

Do you know of any insurance policies for laptop theft or accidental damage?

Click here for a page of information about this.

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