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Dr. Ashok Mishra

Associate Professor; 
Dean's Professor of Civil Engineering

Research Website

Areas of Interest:
Drought, Flood and Precipitation Extremes
Hydroclimatic Modelling and Forecasting
Climate Change Impact on Water Resources
Hydrometric network design
Stochastic Hydrology
Water-Food-Energy- Climate Nexus

Ph.D., Civil Engineering, 2007, Indian Institute of Technology – Kharagpur
Postdoctoral Experience: McMaster University, Texas A&M University, PNNL

Classes typically taught:
Applied Hydraulics and Hydrology
Hydologic Analysis and Design
Stochastic Hydrology
Water Resources Planning and Management

Selected Awards:

NSF CAREER Award (2017).
Best Forum Article for (2014), Journal of Hydrologic Engineering, American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)
Certificate from Journal of Hydrology (2015), For the most highly cited paper.
Research in Excellence award (2012), BAEN department, Texas A&M University, College station, Texas

Sample Publications:
Peer-reviewed journal articles (published)

Dabanli, I., Mishra, A. K., Sen, Z. (2017), Long-term spatio-temporal drought variability in Turkey, Journal of Hydrology, 552, 779 – 792.

Wan, W., Zhao, J., Li, H., Mishra, A. K., et al., (2017), Hydrological drought in the anthropocene: impacts of local water extraction and reservoir regulation in the US, Journal of Geophysical Research- Atmosphere, 122. 

Konapala, G., Mishra, A. K., (2017). Spatio-temporal drought propagation in Continental USA: A Complex Network Approach, Journal of Hydrology, 555, 600-620.

Vu, T., Mishra, A. K., (2017), Evaluation of multiple stochastic rainfall generators in diverse climatic regions, Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment, doi:10.1007/s00477-017-1458-0.

Vu, T., Raghavan, S., Shie-Yui, L., Mishra, A. K., (2017), Uncertainties of gridded precipitation observations in characterizing spatio-temporal drought and wetness over Vietnam, International Journal of Climatology,  doi:10.1002/joc.5317.

Konapala, G., ValiyaVeettil, A., Mishra, A. K., (2017), Teleconnection between low flows and large-scale climate indices in Texas River basins, Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment,

Mishra, A. K., Vu, T., Veettil, A. V., Entekhabi, D. (2017), Drought Monitoring with Soil Moisture Active Passive (SMAP) Measurements, Journal of Hydrology, 552, 620-632.

Liu, D., Mishra, A. K., Yu, Z., Yang, C., Konapala, G., Vu, T. (2017), Performance of SMAP, AMSR-E and LAI for weekly agricultural drought forecasting over continental United States, Journal of Hydrology, 553, 88-104.

Alijanian, M., Rakhshandehroo, G. R., Mishra, A. K., Dehghani, M. (2017) “Evaluation of Satellite Rainfall Climatology using CMORPH, PERSIANN-CDR, PERSIANN, TRMM, MSWEP over Iran”. International Journal of Climatology. doi:10.1002/joc.5131.

Ravichandran, N., Mishra, A., Shrestha, S., and Rahbari, P. (2017) “Influence of Hydrologic Information on Shallow Foundation Design and Analysis in Arid Climates,” Journal of Sustainable Civil Infrastructure. Status: In press

Ajaj, A., Mishra, A. K., Khan, A. (2017), Urban and peri-urban precipitation and air temperature trends in mega cities of the world using multiple trend analysis methods, Theoretical and Applied Climatology. DOI 10.1007/s00704-017-2096-7.

Konapala, G., Mishra, A. K., Leung, L. R. (2017). Changes in temporal variability of precipitation over land due to anthropogenic forcings, Environmental Research Letters, 12, 024009.

Liu, Di and Mishra, A. K. (2017), Performance of AMSR_E soil moisture data assimilation in CLM4.5 model for monitoring hydrologic fluxes at global scale, Journal of Hydrology, 547, 67-79.

Liu, D., Mishra, A. K., Zhang, K. (2017). Runoff Sensitivity over Asia: Role of Climate Variables and Initial Soil Conditions, Journal of Geophysical Research- Atmosphere, 122, 2218–2238.

Veettill, A. V. and Mishra, A. K. (2016). Water security assessment using blue and green water footprint concepts, Journal of Hydrology, (Accepted, In Press). 

Konapala, G. and Mishra, A. K. (2016). Three-parameter-based streamflow elasticity model: application to MOPEX basins in the USA at annual and seasonal scales, Hydrology and Earth System Sciences, 20, 2545-2556.

Liu, Di., Mishra, A. K., Yu, Z. (2016), Evaluating Uncertainties in Multi-layer Soil Moisture Estimation with Support Vector Machines and Ensemble Kalman Filtering, Journal of Hydrology, 538, 243-255, (Publisher: Elsevier). 

She, D., Mishra, A. K., Xia, J., Zhang, L. and Zhang, X. (2016), Wet and dry spell analysis using copulas. International Journal of Climatology, 36: 476–491. (Publisher: Royal Meteorological Society and Wiley).

Vu, T. M., Mishra, A. K. (2016), Spatial and temporal variability of Standardized Precipitation Index over Indochina Peninsula, Cuadernos de Investigacion Geografica, 42(1), 221-232.

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Dey, K., Mishra, A. K, Chowdhury, M. (2015). Potentials of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) in Mitigating Adverse Weather Impacts to Mobility- A Review, IEEE Transactions on Intelligent Transportation Systems, 16 (3), 1107-1119. (Publisher: IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Society).

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Dr. Ashok Mishra
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