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Research Programs

AFMWater Resources Engineering - Faculty conduct research in environmental fluid mechanics, sediment transport and scour, turbulent jets, plumes, contaminated sediments, coastal engineering, dredging related operations, raindrop physics, and others.

CEMConstruction Engineering and Management - The program fills the need for construction managers who have the ability to respond to the changing environments within the industry. Sustainable construction, restoration and system analysis and modeling.

CMConstruction Materials - The much needed reconstruction and replacement of an aging infrastructure places increased emphasis on developing new and/or improved construction materials. The faculty are involved in cutting edge research in construction materials including materials for sustainable infrastructure.

GEOTECH Geotechnical Engineering - The primary emphasis is on the investigation of soil liquefaction, earthquake ground response, braced excavation systems, pile foundations, and soil dynamics. Faculty are involved in computational, analytical as well as experimental and field studies.

StructuresStructural Engineering - This field deals predominantly with structural systems in the built environment. It has become increasingly specialized, and advanced study is nearly always required for more interesting and challenging employment opportunities and advancement.

TransportationTransportation Systems - Mobility systems are essential for the efficient movement of people and goods. Air, land and marine transportation systems play a vital role in insuring a strong economy and a good quality of life.