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Shaping the Future

The School of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences

Creating new knowledge and preparing the next generation of scholars, innovators, and entrepreneurs.

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A surveyor with wind farm in background

About the School

We are pursuing relevant and impactful work that will help solve the most pressing problems of today and anticipate the challenges of tomorrow.

We are laser-focused on the infrastructure and environmental issues that directly impact how we build, work and create the quality of our planet. In the process, we create new knowledge and prepare the next generation of scholars, innovators, and entrepreneurs to solve the most complex and challenging problems at the nexus of these disciplines.

Video Transcript


An aerial view over campus buildings is shown on a sunny morning.


Two men in hard hats and safety vests look up at a wind turbine.


Two men discuss the interior of a large conduit with light coming in from outside the large opening.


Many students walk across the Library Bridge. The bridge is often crowded with students as they make their way between classes.


Purple letters spelling "Clemson University Civil Engineering" are on the side of a golf cart. Two graduate civil engineering students are using the cart as they prepare to survey the campus sidewalks for an accessibility project. They both help to set up the surveying equipment.


Four females are in a lab, looking over a blue device that holds samples.


The same device is seen again with two males and one female sitting in front of it, with a pen, paper, and a calculator. The students fade as a white Tiger Paw comes into focus in the center of the screen. The video concludes.

News and Events

Event Wrap-Up

Mort Barlaz, lecturerNorth Carolina State’s Mort Barlaz presented a Distinguished Lecture at Clemson on October 28, 2022. Dr. Mort Barlaz is a Distinguished University Professor in the Department of Civil, Construction, and Environmental Engineering. The title of his Distinguished Lecture was: Understanding and Predicting Temperatures in Municipal Solid Waste Landfills.

Upcoming Events

    Research Thrusts

    A scientist tests the water supply.

    The Surface & Subsurface

    Developing the tools critical for managing the impacts of climate change and extreme events and stressors on water and land quantity and quality

    An engineer monitors the operation of a wind farm.

    The Earth’s Ecosphere

    Developing strategies for reducing our carbon footprint and mitigating the impact of greenhouse gas emissions on our local and global environments

    An interconnected modern city.

    Smart City Service

    Assessing the risks in smart cities/regions; identify the business, legal, and social contexts of security threats; and engineer strategic solutions

    A coastal structure amidst a severe weather event.

    Resilient Communities

    Addressing the challenges involved in creating more resilient communities, particularly at the interface of the natural and built environments

    Students working on a civil engineering project.

    School Mission

    Our guiding principles

    The mission of the school is to create and disseminate new knowledge in the fields of Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences; to educate and engage our students in critical thinking to inspire new discoveries; and to underpin society with the cutting-edge innovations of tomorrow that will address society’s grand challenges related to infrastructure, sustainability, and environmental quality.

    Meet the School Director

    Jesus de la Garza profile

    Jesus M. de la Garza

    Civil and environmental engineers/scientists touch the lives of all people every single day. We are the ones who make sure the world has clean water, safe roads, soil free of pollutants, clean air, sturdy buildings, railways to carry cargo, and towers to distribute electricity. The list could go on almost forever, but the point is undeniable: civil and environmental engineers/scientists underpin modern society by enabling people’s basic needs, allowing us all to live and to prosper.

    Clemson University has placed under a single tent the Glenn Department of Civil Engineering and the Department of Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences. The two departments now make up the School of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences (CEEES). A successful School will serve as a tool that shapes some of the best civil and environmental engineers/scientists in the world and accelerate Clemson’s push to be one of the best universities in the nation.

    I am honored by the confidence and trust bestowed in me to lead the CEEES School, an honor which I intend to earn every single day.  The School’s North Star is Top 10 status among public universities. To earn this standing, the School will focus on what we are calling Things That Matter—society’s grand challenges related to infrastructure and the environment.  The march to prominence will require the unequivocal commitment and unwavering effort of all the School’s faculty, staff, students, and alumni.  A successful CEEES School will cement Clemson’s position as a Carnegie R1 research university. 

    I know Clemson engineers/scientists are up to the challenge.

    Majors Offered

    CE & EEES Academic Majors
    Degree B.S. M.S. MEng Ph.D.
    Biosystems Engineering X X X
    Civil Engineering X X X X
    Environmental Engineering X
    Environmental Engineering and Science X
    Environmental Engineering and Earth Sciences X
    Environmental Health Physics X
    Geology X
    Hydrogeology X
    Risk Engineering & Systems Analytics X
    Kelli Trotter profile

    “I like protecting people. I like making sure that people know that what we as environmental and nuclear engineers are doing isn’t scary,” she explains. “I want to facilitate conversations between scientists and the average person to explain the importance of environmental engineering.”

    Kelli Trotter
    Environmental Engineering, BS ’21, MS ‘22

    Faculty Directory

    CE & EEES Faculty
    Name Position Department Email
    Ronald D. Andrus Professor CE
    Mashrur A. Chowdhury Professor CE
    Thomas E. Cousins Professor CE
    Jesus M. de la Garza Professor and School Director CE
    Timothy A. DeVol Professor EEES
    Ronald W. Falta Jr. Professor EEES
    Kevin T. Finneran Professor EEES
    David L. Freedman Professor and Department Chair EEES
    Tanju, Karanfil Professor and CU VP for Research EEES
    Nigel B. Kaye Professor CE
    Abdul A. Khan Professor CE
    Cindy Lee Professor EEES
    Ashok Mishra Professor CE
    Lawrence C. Murdoch Professor EEES
    Pamela Murray-Tuite Professor CE
    Jennifer H. Ogle Professor and Department Chair CE
    Weichiang Pang Professor CE
    Brian A. Powell Professor EEES
    Prasad Rao Rangaraju Professor CE
    Wayne A. Sarasua Professor CE
    Mark A. Schlautman Professor EEES
    Terry Walker Professor EEES
    Michael Carbajales-Dale Associate Professor EEES
    Elizabeth Carraway Associate Professor EEES
    Ezra L. Cates Associate Professor EEES
    Qiushi Chen Associate Professor EEES
    Christophe Darnault Associate Professor EEES
    Caye Drapcho Associate Professor EEES
    Amir Poursaee Associate Professor CE
    David A. Ladner Associate Professor EEES
    Nicole E. Martinez Associate Professor EEES
    Tom Owino Associate Professor EEES
    Kalyan R. Piratla Associate Professor CE
    Sudeep Popat Associate Professor EEES
    N. Ravi Ravichandran Associate Professor CE
    Brandon E. Ross Associate Professor CE
    Lindsay Shuller-Nickles Associate Professor EEES
    Joshua Bregy Assistant Professor EEES
    Chao Fan Assistant Professor CEEES
    Brady A Flinchum Assistant Professor EEES
    Kelly Lazar Assistant Professor EEES
    Tuyen (Robert) Le Assistant Professor CE
    Da Li Assistant Professor CE
    Andrew R. Metcalf Assistant Professor EEES
    M. Z. Naser Assistant Professor CE
    Alex T. Pullen Assistant Professor EEES
    Laura Redmond Assistant Professor CE
    Diana C. Vanegas Gamboa Assistant Professor EEES
    Omar Amer Lecturer CE
    Gary L. Amy Research Professor EEES
    Rachelle L. Beckner Lecturer CE
    Valery N. Bliznyuk Research Assistant Professor EEES
    Scott Brame Research Assistant Professor EEES
    Huan Chen Research Assistant Professor EEES
    Alan Coulson Principal Lecturer EEES
    Fanny M. Coutelot Research Assistant Professor EEES
    Scott J. DeWolf Research Associate Professor EEES
    Thomas H. Dodd Lecturer EEES
    Roger Dyar Lecturer CE
    Shanna L. Estes Research Assistant Professor EEES
    Mary Kate Fidler Senior Lecturer EEES
    Farhang Forghanparast Lecturer CE
    Leonid N. Germanovich Research Professor EEES
    Earl J. Hayter Lecturer CE
    William Hiatt Lecturer EEES
    Sakib Mahmud Khan Research Assistant Professor CE
    Dawn Montgomery Research Assistant Professor EEES
    Minory Nammouz Principal Lecturer EEES
    Kent Nilsson Lecturer CE
    Zoraya Rockow Lecturer CE
    Emily Scribner Lecturer EEES
    Melissa Sternhagen Principal Lecturer CE
    Michael Stoner Lecturer CE
    Margaret L. Thompson Senior Lecturer EEES
    Fabricio Leiva Villacorta Lecturer CE

    Staff Directory

    CE & EEES Staff
    Name Position Department Email
    Lori Alexander Administrative Specialist, Rich Lab EEES
    Kristi Baker Graduate Student Services Manager CE
    Nazmiye Cemre Birben Visiting Scholar EEES
    Scott Black Lab Technologist CE
    CJ Bolding Undergraduate Student Services Manager CE
    Addison Chandler T3S Program Coordinator CE
    Jenna Elliott Undergraduate Student Services Coordinator EEES
    Shaun Gaines T3S Manager CE
    Jackie Gourdin Admin Assistant EEES
    William (Caleb) Jackson Lab Technologist II CE
    Mackenzie Kelley T3S Program Coordinator CE
    Megan Krystofik Operations Manager CEEES
    Hanam Kim Lab Assistant EEES
    Dominique Salome Kwong-Moses Research Specialist EEES
    David Lipscomb Lab Manager, Rich Lab EEES
    Rodney Merck Lab Specialist, CETL EEES
    Rodney Morgan Lab Specialist, Rich Lab EEES
    Briana Peele Office Manager EEES
    Naomi Nieves C2M2 Program Coordinator CE
    Barbara Smith Graduate Student Services Coordinator EEES
    Abbee Tannery Office Manager CE
    Andrea Ward Procurement/Payroll Support CE
    Kim Thompson-Neptune Procurement/Payroll Support EEES
    Candace Weisner Office Manager CEEES
    School of Civil and Environmental Engr. and Earth Sciences
    School of Civil and Environmental Engr. and Earth Sciences | Lowry Hall, S Palmetto Blvd, Clemson, SC 29634