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PhD Program - Research Opportunities and Assistantships

Current ESED faculty members have active research projects in the broad areas of chemistry, physics, mathematics and engineering education including, for example, assessment and improvement of problem-solving, relationships between motivation and learning, student-centered learning environments, equity and gender issues in STEM disciplines, identity development, modeling of large-scale data, the graduate school experience, and students' academic and career development and success.

It is expected that each ESED doctoral student will choose a research project in conjunction with their faculty advisor in one of these or a similar area. Assistantships are stipends paid to graduate students to conduct research (research assistantship, or RA) or teach (teaching assistantship, or TA). RA and TA positions are subject to availability of funds and may be offered to selected full-time students upon acceptance into the Clemson University Graduate School.

Research Projects and Groups