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Congratulations to Our Previous Winners!

First Place Winner: "Parrot Feathers" by Carol Roullard, 2017

Parrot Feathers

Second Place Winner: "YPD and Ice II" by Lukasz Kozubowski, 2017

YPD and Ice II

Third Place Winner: "Blue-Eyed Weevil" by Sergii Dymchenko, 2017

Blue-Eyed Weevil

People's Choice Winner: "5ish" by Markus Miller, 2017


First Place Winner: "Tiki Goddess" by George McNamara, 2016

Tiki godess

Second Place Winner: "Development Makes the Heart Grow Stronger" by Vikas Trivedi, 2016


Third Place Winner: "The Beauty of Nature" by Russell Norris, 2016


People's Choice Winner: "Life as it Existed 3.5 Billion Years Ago" by Sukhpreet Kaur, 2016

Life a billion years ago

First Place Winner: "Bright Lights of a Marine Worm" by Poulomi Ray, 2015

First place

Second Place Winner: "He's Really Thirsty" by Gibson Bethea, 2015

Second place

Third Place Winner: "Organic Dye Confinement Effect in Nanopores" by Valery Bliznyuk, 2015

Third Place

People's Choice Winner: "Plant Cell Lace" by Sarah Allen, 2015

Peoples choice