Academic Program Approvals and Changes

Changes to academic programs or certificates require approvals within and outside Clemson University, including:
  • Approval from your Department Chair or School Director.
  • Approval from Dean. At this stage, you must have a draft proposal with the curriculum map (and proposed changes) along possible changes to resources required.
  • Curriculum Committee approval. Graduate and undergraduate curriculum committee approvals at Clemson are facilitated in Curriculog.
  • Board of Trustees approval. Complete the form (big green button) below to initiate this process. Note that this form must be submitted at least a month before these changes are presented to the BoT at a scheduled meeting.
  • Approval from State and Federal agencies. Completing the approval request below will trigger the necessary processes required to receive approvals from Clemson University's external funding agencies.

Request approval for Program Changes

New program and program modification proposals must have final curriculum committee // and // Board of Trustees approval prior to being considered for CHE approval. Proposals must be received by February 1 for the March CHE-ACAP meeting and August 1 for the September CHE-ACAP meeting. Historically, special June CHE-ACAP meetings have been called but are not guaranteed on an annual basis. As always, CHE accepts program notification proposals related to name changes, terminations, and the addition of 100% online modality to extant programs on a continuous rolling basis.

To see the status of academic program changes you’ve submitted, you can view the interactive table here (log-in required).

Exceptions to this chain of approvals are possible depending on the nature and details of the academic program proposal. Please feel free to contact us here if you would like to discuss your proposal prior to making an approval request. 

  • Applicable Policies and Procedures
    Clemson University

    Policy on Substantive Changes – Coming soon!

    Commission on Higher Education (CHE)

    CHE's Policies and Procedures for New Academic Programs, Program Modifications, Program Notifications, Program Terminations, and New Centers is applicable to these processes. You may find additional information about Academic Policies and Procedures at the CHE website. Included on the CHE site is an Inventory of Academic Programs, Policies and Procedures that guide new program development and program modifications, as well as Meetings and Events dates and times and links to their agendas.

    Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC)

    You may find information about SACSCOC's policies and procedures here, including the Substantive Change Policy.

  • Current University Policies Regarding Centers and Institutes

    NOTE: Documents on this Webpage will download most efficiently using the Firefox browser. Downloads using other browsers may take up to 15 seconds.

  • CHE Location and Map

    S.C. Commission on Higher Education (CHE)

    On August 30, 2011, the offices of the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education (CHE) relocated to the following address.; The new office is at the corner of Lady and Main Streets, approximately one-half block south of the agency’s previous 1333 Main Street address.The new building location was formerly known as the NBSC building, and is located directly across Lady Street from the corner Chick-fil-A.

    CHE office location All correspondence should be sent to the new address. Telephone numbers and email addresses for Commission staff will remain the same.

    When attending meetings at the agency’s new location, parking is available at meters on the street or in the city parking lot on Lady Street directly adjacent to the new office location. Please note that the entrance to the city parking lot is not the same entrance to the below-ground parking for the NBSC building itself. There is no public parking available in the NBSC building. The entrance to the city lot is the one closest to Assembly Street.

    South Carolina Commission on Higher Education
    1122 Lady Street
    Suite 300
    Columbia, SC 29201