Web Template

The 1889 template is a theme to help Clemson's marketers and web developers quickly create websites that are responsive, dynamic, and on-brand.

It was built with the foundation framework and utilizes the university's content management system and hand-coded magic.

Note: the information here only applies to new sites built with this matching template and will not work for the college or legacy templates.



Page Elements


Dynamic Elements

Sample Pages

Below are layouts to help you see how the above elements can work together along with some best practices. These are available as preconfigured asset factories within Cascade, but you're free to cherry pick and rearrange elements in whatever way makes sense for your specific content and audience.

dynamic homepage thumbnail
Dynamic Homepage »

Shows an example of a homepage that utilizes the full width of the template along with dynamic feeds from Newsstand and the calendar.

static homepage thumbnail
Static Homepage »

An alternative homepage that mirrors the layout of a subpage with navigation to the left. This example also offers more static content (for groups without relevant or active feeds), though is certainly not excluded from using these dynamic elements.

basic subpage thumbnail
Basic Subpage »

A basic content page that represents the "meat" of most websites. Includes an example of a table and an image.

resources page thumbnail
Resource Page »

An example of how we've laid out pages that are link heavy.

sample form thumbnail
Sample Form »

A reference that includes your typical inputs along with the code necessary to take advantage of the university's FormMail script. Also offers an example of how to organize a form using the grid and fieldsets.

contact us thumbnail
Contact Us »

An example of how we've laid out Contact Us pages.

frequently asked questions thumbnail
Frequently Asked Questions »

An example of how we've designed pages for questions and answers.