Voice and Style

Voice is what we say and how we say it. That’s how people know who we are as individuals, and that is how they know the personality of Clemson. Because everything published online, in social media or in print that is published under the Clemson name is a reflection of the University, a consistency to our voice is vital. Write carefully, research thoroughly, selected words and phrases exactly and proofread meticulously. Everything reflects on Clemson.

  • Personality

    What is it about us that makes us uniquely Clemson?

  • Getting It Right

    Here are some simple guidelines to ensure we are all of the same voice.

  • Editorial Guide

    University marketing and press communications follow in general the AP Stylebook. However, some Clemson-unique usage, spelling, capitalization, terminology and expressions are spelled out here.

  • University-approved statements

    Find here the exact wording for many statements that must appear in University materials.

  • Email Signatures

    Every communication from Clemson should reflect the Clemson brand.