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Collegiate Licensing Program

Commercial Use of Marks

The demand by Clemson University students, alumni and friends for products depicting a University trademark, logo or symbol has reached new heights. Almost 550 manufacturers are licensed today for commercial use of the marks. As a result, Clemson University manages a licensing program to ensure that the public properly identifies and associates University logos on products bearing the institutional marks.

The Clemson University licensing program is designed to protect the integrity and ensure the proper use of the University name and logos. In order to administer the program, Clemson has established formal licensing procedures that will allow the institution to benefit from the commercial use of both the registered names and symbols.

a sampling of Clemson collegiate apparel including hats, shirts, and sweatshirts

The Clemson University licensing program is also designed to establish a cooperative relationship with licensees to assist in developing a marketplace demand for “Officially Licensed Clemson Products.” The marketing strategy drives the consumer to purchase products that directly support the institution. The end result is a mutually beneficial partnership.

Licensing FAQ

  • What is the “Officially Licensed Collegiate Products” label hologram?

    This label hologram is for approved and authorized use only and signifies that the merchandise on which it is attached has been approved for sale by the Collegiate Licensing Company and its client universities. The unauthorized reproduction, distribution or use of this label hologram is prohibited.

  • What qualifies as a trademark, logo or symbol?

    Clemson University has registered 19 different marks, including the word “Clemson,” with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Any mark that is intended to represent Clemson University is the property of the University.

  • Do other universities have licensing programs?

    The Clemson University licensing program began in 1982 as a result of increased requests to use University marks. Today, most universities and colleges have some form of licensing program. The Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC) is the nation’s leading collegiate trademark licensing and marketing company, assisting collegiate institutions in protecting, managing and developing their brands. The mission of CLC is to be the guiding force in collegiate trademark licensing and one of the top sports licensing firms in the country. As such, CLC is dedicated to being a center of excellence in providing licensing services of the highest quality to its member institutions, licensees, retailers and consumers. Founded in 1981, CLC is the oldest and largest collegiate licensing agency in the nation and currently represents nearly 200 colleges, universities, bowl games, athletic conferences, The Heisman Trophy and the NCAA (including the Men’s and Women’s Final Four, the College World Series and all NCAA Championships).

  • What are some of the registered marks of Clemson University?

    A partial list of those marks includes the University wordmark, Clemson wordmark with a Paw replacing the O, University Official Seal, tiger symbol, Tiger Paw, Alumni Association seal, CU and Flame (no longer in use), Block C with the Paw, Tiger Territory, Solid Orange and others. Any mark that is intended to represent Clemson University is the property of the University.

  • How is use of the marks requested?

    Requests to produce articles that use Clemson’s registered marks or that imply endorsement by or association with Clemson in any way must be submitted to the Trademarks and Licensing Office or to Collegiate Licensing Company for approval prior to the printing of the merchandise or articles. This includes requests from on-campus, internal groups such as fraternities, sororities, other service groups, colleges or departments, including IPTAY, the Clemson University equipment room or the Clemson University Athletic Department promotions office. Additional information can be obtained either by viewing or by calling the Collegiate Licensing Company at 770-956-0520.

  • Are prints of Clemson University buildings licensed?

    Artists’ prints of well-known University buildings or scenes that are advertised, marketed, packaged or otherwise presented in a manner that implies or suggests endorsement by the University shall become licensed products. Please be sure that any prints that you purchase to resell have been licensed by the Collegiate Licensing Company. Additional information can be obtained either by viewing or by calling the Collegiate Licensing Company at 770-956-0520.

  • What products can be licensed by Clemson University?

    Clemson University does not exclude any product line as long as the marks are displayed with “good taste.” All products bearing the marks of Clemson are approved by the director of University Trademarks and Licensing.

  • How does Clemson University respond to trademark infringement?

    Clemson University aggressively pursues infringers through legal channels, including but not restricted to letters of “Cease and Desist” and lawsuits.

  • How does a customer tell if merchandise is licensed?

    The “Officially Licensed Collegiate Products” label hologram should appear on all approved and licensed merchandise. With this label hologram, alumni, students, fans and supporters know they are buying a product of quality and authenticity that represents the goodwill of Clemson University. The label hologram is your assurance that merchandise has been approved by the institution. Any merchandise not bearing these hologram labels for institutions represented by the Collegiate Licensing Company, but using the marks of that institution, may represent an infringement of trademark laws, punishable by law.

Contact Information

Clemson University Licensing Program

For further information, contact:
University Director of Trademarks and Licensing
Clemson University
PO Box 31
Clemson, SC 29633

To Obtain a License

For further information, contact:
Licensing Director
The Collegiate Licensing Company
1075 Peachtree Street Suite 3300
Atlanta, GA 30309
Telephone: 770-956-0520
Fax: 770-955-4491