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Office of University Compliance and Ethics

University Policy Program

The Clemson University Policy Program supports the Office of University Compliance and Ethics by assisting in the development, routing,  storage, communication, maintenance, and review of Administrative Policies and is guided by the University Policy on Policies.

The aim of the program is to create an effective, efficient, equitable, and a robust policy program for all University community members to utilize, access, and engage in University policies. Creating a culture of compliance requires supporting individuals’ ability to do the right thing because they are knowledgeable members of the University community.

Our Current Efforts

The policy program continues to onboard departments across the University and to transition their policies and supplemental documents to the centralized University Policies site, as their policies meet new program requirements. During the transition many policies will remain available on individual department policy sites, as linked below, until they are converted. Please explore these policy sites to find and review University policies or reach out to the policy program manager if you are unable to locate a specific policy.

Future Plans

While the current focus of the policy program is on Administrative policies, the program intends to provide structure and support for all office- and department-level policies within the University in the future.

Office of University Compliance and Ethics
Office of University Compliance and Ethics | Monique Everroad | Policy Program Manager