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Office of University Compliance and Ethics

Protecting Minors

Clemson University is committed to providing a safe environment for all visitors. The institution’s policy regarding Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect can be found here.

If you receive information or observe conduct that gives you reason to believe that a child has been or may be abused or neglected, please take the following steps immediately:
FIRST, call the Police.     
If the child is in imminent danger, call 911.

If the child is not in imminent danger, contact your local law enforcement agency. If you are on the Clemson University campus, contact CUPD at 864-656-2222. Otherwise, contact the local law enforcement agency for the city or county you or the child are in.

Then, notify anyone else that needs to know within the University.
For example, if the child is visiting Clemson as part of a University-affiliated program, notify the program director or the program director’s supervisor.

You may also notify one of the following offices for further support:

  • Clemson’s Pre-Collegiate Programs Office: 864-656-5716
  • Office of University Compliance and Ethics: 864-656-8932
  • Office of General Counsel: 864-656-3414

South Carolina law allows the identity of any person who reports abuse or neglect to be kept confidential. In addition, persons who make reports in good faith are immune from civil and criminal liability.

South Carolina law also protects persons who make good faith reports from adverse employment action.

When you have reason to believe that a child is the victim of abuse or neglect, reporting is always the right thing to do.

Protecting Minors Awareness Video