Email Signatures

Every communication from Clemson should reflect the Clemson brand — even the simplest email. Using these guidelines will ensure our brand is consistently conveyed.

  • Email signatures should not be longer than 12 lines.
  • If using a logo:
    • Ensure that it is compressed to a small file size so that it does not increase the size of outgoing emails.
    • Add alt text to the image; instructions can be found on this Microsoft Community help page.
  • Refrain from the use of quotes or epigrams for professional communications. While these may reflect your personal views, they may not reflect the official position of the University and may be misinterpreted by recipients as being "official" Clemson communication.


  • Name should be set in Helvetica/Arial Bold 14pt, #F36721
  • Title should be set in Helvetica/Arial Bold 10pt, #2E1A47
  • Remaining text should be set in Helvetica/Arial Regular, 10pt, #333333
  • Place a single line space between "Clemson University" and the address/contact info. If using the logo, place two line spaces between it and the contact info above.

First-Name Last-Name 
Department name
Clemson University

Address Line 1
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URL or Social Media 

Clemson Wordmark

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