Getting It Right

Without tone of voice or gestures, our written communication depends solely on the words to convey attitude. That puts a great deal of responsibility on what we write. To be sure your writing conveys the Clemson brand accurately, ask a few questions as you write.

  1. Is this proud? Or cocky?
    No self-respecting Tiger would ever, ever want to be cocky.

  2. Is this clear to someone who does not live this every day?
    Sure the CU-CUBBSLLC means Clemson University Community for Undergraduate Business and Behavioral Science Living-Learning Community, but who else would solve that puzzle?

  3. How will this read out of context? In social media?
    In an age of share, like, tweet and post, take the time to read over every sentence carefully to avoid going viral for the wrong reason.

  4. Is this true/accurate?
    Check your source of information. “Sorry” does seem to be the hardest word.

  5. Does this convey the Clemson brand attributes?
    Check the brand characteristics to make sure your writing reflects the Clemson voice.

  6. Most important, how will this reflect on Clemson?
    If there is a Clemson logo attached, it is Clemson. You may not be writing with the goal of representing the University as a whole, but that is how it will be read.