iPhone and iPad Setup for Exchange.

iPhone & iPad Setup

Important information you should know.

Note: your iPhone needs to be NetReg'ed if you are attempting this setup via Wi-Fi.

Setup your iPhone/iPad for Clemson Exchange

Iphone Ste1Step 1:Tap the Settings icon from the iPhone home screen.

Iphone Step2Step2:Tap the Mail, Contacts, Calendars button.

iPhone Step3Step3: Tap the Add Account... button.

iPhone Step4Step4: Tap Microsoft Exchange button.

iPhone Step5Step5: Input as shown in diagram, replacing with your personal information.

Email: Your Clemson Username@Clemson.edu

Server: xmail.clemson.edu

Domain: campus

Username: Your Clemson username

Description: Clemson Exchange

Use SSL: ON (option on iOS3)

Then Tap Next.

iPhone Step 6Step6: If you encounter a Verify Certificate message, Tap the Accept button.

.Step7: Tap Save. You are ready to check your mail via the home screen.

Need help? Request assistance via ITHelp@clemson.edu or call the Help Desk (864) 656-3494
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