Redirect Exchange email with a server side rule.

Redirect Email with a Rule

Important information you should know.

At this time, Apple mail included in Mac OS 10.6+ does not have the ability to create server side redirect rules. Users of Apple mail will need to use the OWA or Outlook methods below to manage their server side rules.

If you have not enabled your Exchange account, visit and enable both Exchange options before you continue. (It could take up to 30 minutes for activation, please be patient before continuing.)

Redirect rule - OWA ( via Web browser

Step1:Open your web browser of choice.

OWS REC Step1Step2:Type into the address field and hit enter.

Step 3:Type in your username and password and click Sign in.

OWA REC Step2Step 4: Select Options from the top right of the page, and then select Create an Inbox Rule....

Rules Options 2Step 5:

  1. Click New...
  2. Select Create a new rule for arriving messages....


Rule Option 3

Step 6: In the following dialog box:

  1. In the When the message arrives, and: drop down box, select [Apply to all messages] option.
  2. In the Do the following: drop down box, select Redirect the message to... option.

Rule Opt 4Step 7: In the Message recipient To-> field, add the email address you wish to redirect to, then click OK

Rule Opt 4Step 8: Review your settings, then click Save.

Rule Opt 4Step 9: Acknowledge the warning dialog by clicking OK.

Task Complete

Redirect rule - Outlook 2007 & Outlook 2010.

OL rule opt1Step 1:For Outlook 2010, Click the Rules button and then Select Manage Rules & Alerts.

OL rule Opt2Step 1a:For Outlook 2007, Select Tools, then Rules and Alerts.

OL rule Opt3Step 2: In the next dialogs windows,

  1. Select New Rule
  2. Select Apply Rule on Messages I receive
  3. Click Next


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OL rule Opt4Step 3: Click Next on the next dialog, as you want this rule to apply to all messages.

OL rule OPT5Step 4: In the next dialog, follow this sequence

  1. Select Redirect it to People or Public Group
  2. Click People of Public Group
  3. In the TO-> field, enter the email address you wish to redirect to.
  4. Click Finish.


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