Information for New Students

When becoming a full-time student at Clemson University you will probably encounter some new technical terms and procedures. To help you with this process, the CCIT Customer Support Center has compiled this summary of some of the things you'll need to know.

Usernames, Passwords and XID numbers


What is a Username?

Upon acceptance, new students are assigned a Username.  Your Username is made up of letters or a combination of letters and numbers associated your name. This is a permanent, unique identifier that is used to access Clemson University computers, networks, webpages, and resources.


Where can I find my Username?

In your acceptance packet you will receive your XID, and you will receive a separate email with your activation code. Using this information, students must complete the onboarding process at to receive their username and set their initial password.


NEVER give out your password to ANYONE. The Support Center will NEVER ask you for your password. If you need assistance with your Username, do NOT email your password.

Where can I find my password for my Username?

If you are a new student, you will establish your initial password during the onboarding process.

How do I change my password?

You can change your password at any time by using the Password Change Utility. Please make sure your password follows our Strong Password Guidelines. More details can be found on our Username and Password Policy page.

What if I forgot my password?

The Support Center will only reset passwords for the account owner. Parents, relatives, associates, etc. can NOT request a password reset.

If you cannot remember your password, please bring a picture ID with you to the CCIT Support Center. If you are more than twenty minutes away from campus, please call us at 864-656-3494.

XID Numbers

What is a XID number?

XID stands for Cross Identification Number. It is a unique, eight-digit number starting with C, assigned to you upon your application to the University. It is also known as a student ID number or application number.

Where can I find my XID number?

As a new Undergraduate student, you should have received your XID number in your Undergraduate Admissions Acceptance packet. If you have received your TigerOne card already, you can find your XID on the front of the card.

How do I find my XID number if I know my Username? is a tool that any student can use to look up their own information when they authenticate using their student username. It shows their name, XID, CUID, and username(s). It does not allow them to show data for someone else.


If you are a new student your Clemson email ( has automatically been forwarded to your Google Apps for Education account. If you would like to use another email service instead, you can change your forwarding settings at

What is my email address?

Your email address will be your username followed by "" (i.e.

Google Apps for Education

What is Google Apps for Education?

Your official clemson email address is However, most Clemson students use their Google Apps for Education accounts. When we created your Username, we also created an identical Google Apps for Education account for you and automatically forwarded your email to it.

How do I log in for the first time and what is my initial password?

Visit Your username will be your Clemson This account has its own password separate from the one asociated with your Clemson Username. The initial password will be "cu##" followed by the last four numbers of your social security number (i.e. cu##1234).

How do I log in to my Google Apps for Education account?

Go to to access your Google Apps for Education email account.

What if I forgot my password or my default password isn't working?

Log in to the Email Control Panel with your university username and password. Click "Reset my Google Apps password" and follow all of the instructions on the next screen.

How do I change my Google Apps for Education password?

Your Google Apps for Education password should NOT be identical to your Clemson password. This is because the Google Apps account is hosted by Google, not Clemson University. Password changes on Google will not change your password on the Clemson network and vice versa.

You can change your password within your account settings. Resetting your Google Apps password will NOT change your Clemson Username password. For detailed instructions, please see Google's password reset walkthrough.


During orientation, CCIT encourages you to attend a CCIT session and to see our display at the Hendrix center. We also strongly recommend that you attend a Laptop Setup Workshop.

Where can I find information about recommended laptops?

For the latest information, please visit the Laptop Support Page.

Which laptop should I pick?

A good starting point is to check our preferred laptops by major list, and consider your options carefully if you think you might change majors. If your major isn't listed, please contact your advisor. All of the recommended models meet our minimum requirements but we offer you a number of choices so that you may opt to purchase a laptop with the features you desire.

How do I purchase and/or finance a laptop?

Please see our laptop purchasing page for this information.

What is a Laptop Setup Workshop?

These workshops are two-hour sessions where we ensure that your laptop has all of the software you need and cover topics like setting up wireless, network resources, Clemson Google Apps, laptop security, and more. There are workshops for Apple, recommended, and non-recommended laptops. "Early bird" workshops are offered during summer orientation for students who have already purchased a laptop while the rest of the workshops are held during move-in weekend. To register for a workshop and see the workshop schedule, please see the Laptop Setup Workshops page.

More Information and Contacts

Is there anything else I need to do?

To help you keep track of the steps you need to complete before starting full-time at Clemson, the Orientation office has provided a New Student Checklist.

Where can I find more information?

Please visit our website to see if the information you're looking for is already available.

Where can I bring my computer to get help?

The CCIT Customer Support Center Helpdesk is available to provide in-person assistance and computer repair and diagnostics. We are located on the second floor of the Cooper Library. For the best service, please see our hours of operation before visiting.

Who can I contact if I still have technical questions?

For technical issues, please contact the CCIT Customer Support Center. We can be reached via email at or by phone at 864-656-3494. For the best service, please see our hours of operation before calling.

Who can I contact if I have other questions?

Housing Issues: University Housing - - 864-656-2295

Registration/Scheduling Issues: Office of the Registrar - 864-656-2171

Application/Acceptance Issues: Undergraduate Admissions - Email Form - 864-656-2287

Orientation Issues: Orientation Office - - 864-656-4402

Financial Issues: Student Financial Aid - - 864-656-2280

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