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Advanced Powertrain Systems Facilities

Renk Labeco 4-Wheel 500 HP Chassis Dyno and Faist Semi-Anechoic Chamber*
The Renk system is a low-noise chassis dynamometer housed in a semi-anechoic chamber, making it able to perform driveline noise studies, fuel mileage assessments, sound measurements and all other chassis dynamometer and sound room-related test activities. We have several data acquisition and sensor systems available in this laboratory, including emissions analyzers, engine crank-angle resolved data acquisition and sensors, fuel flow rate measurement, sound characterization equipment, and a driver aid system for carrying out specific drive cycles (e.g. US06, FTP, etc.).  

Renk Labeco 4-wehll 500 hp chassis dymo

MTS 320 Tire Coupled Road Simulator and Weiss Climate Test Chamber*
This facility will support testing for squeaks and rattles, vibration, structural durability, suspension characterization and fastener integrity. The road simulator is in an environmental chamber, allowing for many unique testing possibilities.

MTS Tire Couples Road Simulator & Weiss Climate Test Chamber

FEV 500 HP Engine Dyno Test Cell*
A containerized and expandable facility, this system accommodates testing of performance, engine durability and components, emissions, fuel, catalysts, and engine mapping and calibration.

FEV 500 HP Engine Dyno Test Cell

Advanced Combustion and Heat Transfer Laboratory
A 100 hp, double ended, Baldor motor controlled by an ABB four quadrant drive combines with fluid conditioning systems, an accumulator-based high pressure injection system, and a sixteen channel AVL IndiSet crank angle resolved data acquisition system to provide everything necessary for advanced combustion and in-cylinder heat transfer studies. 

Advanced Combustion and Heat Transfer Lab

Advanced Powertrain Laboratory
A fully transient, double ended, AVL 440kW engine dyno capable of testing multiple hybrid configurations through a combination of conventional engines and electric motors. Time resolved signals are synchronized with crank angle resolved data acquisition through the AVL PUMA test coordination system. Full gaseous emissions characterization can be conducted with an AVL FTIR while the Cambustion DMS 500 provides transient particulate size distributions. Either gasoline or diesel powered concepts can be accommodated with natural gas fueling capability arriving soon.

Advanced Powertrain Lab

Machine Shop*
A well-equipped machine shop with turning, milling, drilling, sawing, welding and plasma cutting capabilities is located within the Campbell Center.

machine shop

General-Purpose Lab Area
The laboratory, which is not available to the public, has a large general-purpose high bay area with a 5-ton overhead crane and two Rotary vehicle lifts. One is a two-arm 10,000 lb. capacity lift, and the other is a four-post 14,000 capacity alignment lift.

general lab space

Okuma MU-500 5-Axis Machining Center
The MU-500 is a universal machining center, able to remove material in any accessible orientation to the cutter. It allows for cutting of freeform surface geometry and is also driven by the Okuma THINC controller.

Data Acquisition and Instrumentation Services Tools*
The Campbell Center is equipped with a full range of vehicle instrumentation and data acquisition tools. The staff has extensive experience with in-vehicle measurements for both on- and off-road operations.

*These facilities may be rented for testing needs.

CU-ICAR laboratory and testing video

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