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The Clemson Department of Automotive Engineering has a large team of faculty and staff who are instrumental in educating our students, advancing research, and maintaining department operations. Our award-winning faculty consist of Endowed Chairs, Full Professors, Associate Professors, Research Assistant Professors, Lecturers, and Adjuncts. Many have previously worked for the leaders in the automotive industry, while others bring backgrounds from academia, other engineering disciplines, and disciplines outside of engineering. Faculty not only focus on teaching specialized track areas, but also place an emphasis on conducting research with industry partners and state and federal agencies, in areas such as advanced materials and manufacturing, advanced powertrains, human factors and systems integration, vehicle autonomy and connectivity, sustainability, and more!

Our staff is made up of an administrative team that handle day to day operations, finances, and academic records and registration, and technical staff who maintain lab spaces, perform tests, and assist in research and program operations.

With one of the largest graduate student cohorts of any department in the College, the Department of Automotive Engineering is proud to have a team focused on educating the next generation of automotive engineers, ready to tackle the rapid advancements in the automotive industry, research, and academia.