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Automotive Engineering Research

Advanced Powertrains
Researchers focus on reducing the environmental impact of ground vehicles. Research focuses on advanced engine concepts, powertrain integration, flexible drivelines, electrification and connectivity, and hybrid propulsion.

students working on the prototype vehicle

Automotive Systems Integration
Researchers study and apply interdisciplinary, collaborative systems engineering approaches to create and integrate sustainable solutions that consider environmental, social, and economic factors. The focus areas include developing system-engineering processes and tools to connect the product/service under development with policies, legislation, and market aspects, by carefully balancing functional properties, design space, cost and weight.

Human Factors research using a drive simulator

Human Factors/HMI
The human factors/HMI research team strives to gain a greater understanding of human capacities and limitations. The team uses this information to create and improve tools and systems that maximize usability and user experience.

working on a vehicle

Manufacturing and Materials
Researchers work to improve the highly coupled process of vehicle lightweight design and component production for increased efficiency, quality, sustainability and safety. Faculty conduct research in new manufacturing systems, continuous process improvement, sustainable manufacturing, and advanced materials - characterization, processing and manufacturing.

dune buggy on the shaker

Vehicle Performance
Researchers study the dynamics of the vehicle with the goal of achieving a desired system performance or to improve the on-road active safety. The focus areas include, vehicle handling, tire/road interaction, vehicle stability and safety systems, noise vibrations and harshness, vehicle on-road and laboratory testing and advanced chassis control and diagnostics.

Wireless charging

Vehicle-to-Vehicle and Vehicle-Infrastructure Integration
Researchers look at ways to utilize communication and information systems to improve vehicle safety, optimize energy efficiency, provide mobility services to support and enhance the driving experience. A specific research focus is the interaction of vehicle systems with infrastructure systems to exchange data and energy.

Andrew McDowell Testing a Motor Driver

Vehicular Electronics
Researchers in this area conduct targeted research related to automotive and aerospace vehicle electronics including electronic components, circuits, sensors, communications, power distribution and mechatronics with an emphasis on systems integration, electromagnetic compatibility and modeling.