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Advanced Manufacturing & Materials Facilities

Okuma MB-46 VAE 3-Axis Milling Machine
The MB-46VAE is a 3-axis Computer Numerically-Controlled (CNC) Mill used in machining characterization and control studies. Current research is in machining of lightweight and difficult-to-machine alloys, physics-based modeling of the cutting process, integrated machine metrology and error characterization and machining of composite materials.
- 15 HP, 15000-rpm spindle
- Kistler bed dynamometer
- 40-tool magazine
- ThINC OSP-200 controller

Okuma MB-46

Okuma LB-4000EX Lathe
The LB-4000EX is a general purpose multi-function machine designed to reduce set up time by virtually eliminating repetitive fixturing to improve accuracy and keep non-cutting time to a minimum. It features the industry’s first Collision Avoidance System software. Combined with Okuma’s THINC-OSP Control, this software can run the entire machining simulation and catch potential collisions before they create scrap.
- 12-tool magazine with live tooling
- 10-in main chuck

Okuma LB-4000EX Lathe

FANUC Roboshot 2000-i7iB Injection Molding Machine
- Full servo-controlled slides
- Integrated mold heater
- Plastic and metal injection

FANUC Roboshot

Instron 1332 Hydraulic Tensile Testing Machine
- 500-kN bidirectional capacity
- 50-Hz at 0.5 mm amplitude
- Integrated DC source for electrical forming research
- Multiple fixture and plate geometries

Instron 1332 Hydraulic Tensile Testing Machine

Agie-Charmille RoboForm 350 Wire EDM Machine
- 4-axis (x-y, u-v) control
- 30° taper cut
- 0.25-mm and 0.4-mm wires

Agie-Charmille RoboForm 350 Wire EDM Machine

Sonitek TS500 Ultrasonic Welder
- 20-kHz operation
- 10000N

Sonitek TS500 Ultrasonic Welder

Machine Shop*
A well-equipped machine shop with turning, milling, drilling, sawing, welding and plasma cutting capabilities is located within the Campbell Center.

machine shop

General-Purpose Lab Area
The laboratory, which is not available to the public, has a large general-purpose high bay area with a 5-ton overhead crane and two Rotary vehicle lifts. One is a two-arm 10,000 lb. capacity lift, and the other is a four-post 14,000 capacity alignment lift.

general lab space

Okuma MU-500 5-Axis Machining Center
The MU-500 is a universal machining center, able to remove material in any accessible orientation to the cutter. It allows for cutting of freeform surface geometry and is also driven by the Okuma THINC controller.

Data Acquisition and Instrumentation Services Tools
The Campbell Center is equipped with a full range of vehicle instrumentation and data acquisition tools. The staff has extensive experience with in-vehicle measurements for both on- and off-road operations.

For more on the equipment used in this research sector, please visit the Manufacturing Lab site.

*These facilities may be rented for testing needs.

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