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Staff Directory

Administrative Staff

Name/Title E-Mail Phone No.
Black, Gale, Departmental Purchasing 864.656.5933
Black, Brooke, Administrative Support Fluor Daniel Building  864.656.2650
Dobbins, SommerDepartmental Accountant  864.656.0933
Gooch, Jennifer, Graduate Student Services: Admission and Payroll  864.656.5902
Harris, AmandaPublications, Web  864.656.4507
Hayes, Jeanine, Graduate Student Services, Registration Coordinator  864.656.3947
Hendricks, JanetOffice Manager, Assistant to the Chair 864.656.5650
McNulty, Patty, Undergraduate Student Services Manager: Undergrad Advising  864.656.5291
Ward, ShekindaDepartmental Post-Awards  864.656.6071

Technical Staff

Name/Title E-Mail Phone No.
Hicks, John, Lab Technologist II 864.656.5187
Moline, DavidLab Technologist III 864.650.4972