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The Inclusive Equation: Moving Beyond Just Raising Hands

Published: Tuesday April 16, 2024

Sarah Otterbeck, PhD Candidate. Engineering and Science Education 

Comparing student interest in geoscience to their risk and exposure to water related geohazards

Published: Tuesday April 16, 2024

Shannon Conner, PhD Candidate. Engineering & Science Education 

Fostering Epistemic Justice: The Journey of a Secret Ninja Yoga Teacher in Integrating Arts and Engineering into Curricular and Instructional Design

Published: Monday April 08, 2024

Cristian Vargas-Ordóñez PhD Student, Purdue University

Achieving Critical Transformations in Undergraduate Programs to Envision A Better World

Published: Wednesday April 03, 2024

Dr. Matt Voigt, Assistant Professor, ESED

You Are Good in Math: The Development of Black and Brown Student Math Identity Through Inclusive Pedagogy

Published: Monday March 25, 2024

ESED at 18: A retrospective view of a pioneering program

Published: Tuesday March 12, 2024

Exploring Rigor and Access in Research on STEM Learning Environments

Published: Wednesday March 06, 2024