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General Engineering Learning Community

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Change the Future

The General Engineering Learning Community (GELC) is a joint project between the General Engineering (GE) program and the Academic Success Center (ASC), bringing together first-year engineering students who are focused on supporting each other’s journey to becoming successful students and future engineering professionals.

The GELC provides a curriculum path that enables students placing in MATH 1050 to begin their engineering course work in the fall semester of their first year. The traditional fall-spring freshman curriculum is expanded to three terms: either fall/spring/summer or fall/spring/fall. This extra time allows GELC students to build confidence in their academic abilities and absorb difficult concepts in math and engineering while staying on track to graduation by giving them a longer runway to master success.

Student Experiences

  • The [GELC] was a great resource because it allowed me to review class materials with my peers. Not only was I receiving help from other students so that I may learn the content I was also teaching the content which helped me process the information better.

    students in general engineering class

    Geoffrey - Clemson University

  • “I have grown to be [a] dynamic learner through my willingness and commitment to adjusting. As an adult I am in control of my future and being a dynamic learner gives me the opportunity to maximize resources that offer me a greater chance of achieving my goals.”
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    Janelle- Clemson University

Program Benefits and Requirements

Learning Community

  • Like-minded Students
  • Practice Specific Skills on How to be a Successful Student

Move-In Activities

  • Course Software Overview
  • Time Management Workshop
  • Community Development
  • Meet your Professors
  • Navigate Campus

Take Courses Together

  • Engineering
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics
  • Professional Skills

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GELC: First-Year Curriculum


ENGR 1000 [1] Major Discovery Seminar
ENGR 1010 [3] Engineering Applied Math
ENGL 1030 [3] Accelerated Composition 
ENGR 1100 [3] Engineering Success Skills (Part 1 of 2)
ENGR 1510 [2] First-Year Engineering (Part 1 of 3)
Gen Ed Req [3] General Education Requirement

15 credit hours
Students will enroll with other GELC students for all courses shown except those in orange.


CH 1010 [4] General Chemistry I
ED 1970 [1] Engineering Success Skills (Part 2 of 2)
ENGR 1520 [2] First-Year Engineering (Part 2 of 3)
MATH 1060 [4] Calculus I
Gen Ed Req [3] General Education Requirement
(if needed) Engineering Graphics

14-16 credit hours
Students will enroll with other GELC students for all courses shown except those in orange.


ENGR 1640 [3] First-Year Engineering (Part 3 of 3)
PHYS 1220 [3] Physics I + (if needed) PHYS 1240 [1] Physics Lab

6-7 credit hours
In Fall, students will also take other classes to continue in curriculum.

Additional Information

Our goal is to see students entering the General Engineering program have a successful first year and continue on to the second year of engineering. For information on who is eligible to participate in the General Engineering Learning Community, please preview the GELC Program FAQ below.

Eligibility and Requirements FAQ

Who is eligible to join the GELC?

The GELC is open to new undergraduate students from the United States, majoring in General Engineering, who are invited and selected for the program based on their math preparation in high school. During summer orientation, an advisor will inform you if you are eligible to join this program.

When does the program begin?

The program begins on the first day of classes.

The curriculum listed states I would take classes in the summer. Do I have to take this class at Clemson?

It is encouraged for you to continue the Physics sequence at Clemson, but this is not required. It is possible to complete Physics at a school closer to your home. An advisor can discuss these options with you at orientation or during the school year and assist you with the necessary paperwork prior to next summer.

You are also encouraged to finish the first-year engineering sequence at Clemson. The ENGR 1640 class is unique to Clemson and is not offered elsewhere. There are a limited number of institutions that teach an introductory MATLAB programming course that would transfer to Clemson as ENGR 1410, but in doing so you would have to repeat the portion of MATLAB material covered in ENGR 1520 in the spring semester.

Where do GELC students live on campus?

You can live anywhere on campus as part of the GELC! This program is designed to complement other on-campus programs including Living/Learning Community (LLC) experiences, such as Residents in Science & Engineering (RISE) and CONNECTIONS. We do, however, encourage you to choose the RISE LLC as your housing option to best compliment your GELC experience.

If I am in the GELC program, can I still be part of other programs on campus?

Absolutely! Think of the GELC program as an “AND” program, not an “OR” program. If you are part of the GELC, you can be in this program AND other support programs on campus.

What does the GELC program cost during the Fall and Spring terms?

There is no fee for this program! Services are provided at no additional cost.

Connect with Us

For more information on the General Engineering Learning Community, please reach out with any questions.

Contact Information

Prof. Matt Miller
Senior Lecturer, General Engineering

Address: 107 Lever Hall
Phone: (864) 656-2542