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Students at RISE BASECAMP posing with tiger mascot.


A First-Year Experience

CLEMSON RISE is a cornerstone first-year experience, recognized for providing the tools you need to succeed in your transition to Clemson and throughout your first year as an engineering, science, computing, or geology student. The RISE Program is housed in Mickel Hall, in the heart of Clemson's West Campus, overlooking Memorial Stadium.

Two students at SC Botanical Garden
Students orientation ambassadors with Clemson Tiger flag
RISE Volunteer Corps in forest carrying logs

Your Story Starts Here

What if your first year on campus felt a little more like home? Familiar faces. Friendly spaces. Open doors and supportive mentors. What if your first day of class in a science or engineering course was full of people you met on move-in day and just a walk downstairs from your residence hall room? Or if finding a study group was as simple as stepping outside your door?

We're proud to offer specific cohort classes so that our students can be in courses with fellow RISE students and faculty associated with the program. Our students often describe the cohort classes as one of their favorite things about their first-year experience, and we have a feeling you will love these classes as well!

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Student at basecamp with tiger mascot
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Smiling students on campus in front of Riggs Hall

Find Yourself Here

RISE enhances the Clemson Experience and promotes success for first-year STEM students.

Students at RISE BASECAMP helping each other on steps exercise.

Student Opportunities

As part of the CLEMSON RISE program, students will have opportunities to engage with fellow students and faculty, develop and apply their strengths, discover and invent new ideas, and achieve academically in the living-learning environment.

Whether a friend, classmate, professor, roommate, tutor, mentor, or co-worker, we know those involved in RISE come together to dream big and create a lasting impact.

Grady Funke profile

“Coming from out of state, RISE gave me the opportunity to meet students in my major and make strong connections in my first year at Clemson! RISE gave me opportunities to succeed through tutoring, networking in social environments, and attending BASECAMP, an extended orientation program. A highlight for me was the RISE LinkedIn Challenge - I was able to advance my professional profile, which helped me obtain internships.”

Grady Funke
Class of '25
Students working on exercise at RISE BASECAMP.
Student using RISE Makerspace equipment.

Signature Programs & Events

Students are encouraged to customize their first-year experience and take ownership of their education. With RISE, you are given the tools and network to support your unique journey.

  • Cohorted Courses – register for RISE-specific sections of chemistry, calculus, and engineering and have classes with other students in the program
  • In-hall Academic Support – receive academic support through tutoring for first-year foundational STEM courses.
  • Faculty Fellows – connect with Faculty outside the classroom through Skills Nights, Creative Inquiries, and social events.
  • Career Development – cast a vision for your professional career through connecting with CECAS student organizations, attending workshops, and participating in the RISE LinkedIn Challenge each spring.
  • CHAMPS Mentoring Program – begin building your Clemson network by opting into this peer mentoring program
  • RISE Makerspace – create, learn, and collaborate in RISE’s in-house Makerspace

RISE students live in Mickel Hall, overlooking Death Valley. Mickel Hall Suites are modern suite-style units with spacious lounges that give residents a great place to relax or hang out with friends and study.

Meet the Team

For more information, please email

Harper profile

Erica H. Riggins

Director of First-Year Initiatives

Jackie profile

Jackie Scott

Assistant Director of First-Year Initiatives

College of Engineering, Computing and Applied Sciences
College of Engineering, Computing and Applied Sciences | Riggs Hall