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Conference Information

This year's Workshop on Specialty Optical Fibers will be held in the lovely coastal town of Charleston, South Carolina. Charleston is filled with historic homes, outdoor recreation, and an abundance of quaint shops. November is a great time to visit the South, when temperatures are mild and the humidity is low.

Conference Venue is The Hotel on Market, 35 Hayne Street, Charleston, South Carolina, 29401, USA 

Conference Program is now available here

Conference Proceedings are now available here





Plenary Speakers

Name Affiliation  Topic/Title
Dr. Mark Neice Former Director of the US DoD Joint Directed Energy Transition Office (formerly the High Energy Laser Joint Technology Office) Defense Applications for High Energy Fiber Lasers
Dr. Nick Borrelli Corning Incorporated Fiber and Glasses (101)
Prof. Réal Vallée Laval University, Canada Advances in Mid-Infrared fiber lasers

Invited Talks

Surname First name Institution Topic/Title
Bennett Kevin Corning Titania clad fiber fatigue performance
Bera Subhabrata National Energy Technology Laboratory Single crystal fiber growth 
Chenard Francois IRFlex Chalcogenide fiber for long-wave infrared supercontinuum source
Dai Shixun Ningbo University Novel chalcogenide glass fibers and fiber tapers for ultra broadband Mid-infrared SC generation
Ebendorff-Heidepriem  Heike University of Adelaide Making optical fibers sensitive and selective to the environment via functionalization and nanostructuring
Heidt Alexander University of Bern Specialty optical fibers for extreme light generation
Ishaaya Amiel Ben-Gurion University Israeli activities in specialty fibers and fiber lasers
Jollivet  Clemence Coherent/Nufern Next generation of DC fibers enabling high performances and high reliability of fiber lasers operating beyond multi-kW levels
Koike Yasuhiro Keio University, Japan Recent Progress in Graded-Index Plastic Optical Fiber
Lindner Eric FBGS History and advancements of FBG manufacturing in specialty optical fibers and their use in sensing
Mikhailov Vitaly OFS Optics Bismuth-doped amplifier fiber
Moselund Peter Morten NKT Photonics A/S  Progress in Mid-IR supercontinuum sources and their applications – an overview
Ohishi  Yasutake Toyota Technological Institute Soft glass microstructured optical fibers and their applications
Peng Gang-Ding  Universiy of New South Wales New Pathway for Doped and Structured Optical Fibres
Rochette Martin McGill University Optical devices based on chalcogenide fibers
Shardlow Peter University of Southampton Cladding Shaping of Optical Fibre Preforms via CO2 Laser Machining
Simakov  Nikita Defence Science & Technology Group, Australia Recent efforts in power scaling of holmium doped fibre sources
Sintov Yoav Applied Physics Division, Soreq NRC, Isareal Israeli activities in specialty fibers and fiber lasers
Starodubov Dmitry FOMS Microgravity fiber processing for future optical networks
Tam Hwa-Yaw Hong Kong Polytechnic University  Novel optical fiber for cochlear implants
Wang Yingying Beijing University of Technology Loss reduction in hollow core fiber
Westbrook  Paul OFS Optics Distributed sensing fiber
Wysocki Paul F    Baker Hughes  Specialty fiber requirements for sensing in the oil and gas field
Yerolatsitis  Stephanos Bath University Photonic lanterns: beyond telecoms
Yu Anthony NASA Fiber lasers and amplifiers for space Lidar applications

Local Organizing Committee*

Name  Affiliation
John Ballato Clemson University
Liang Dong Clemson University
Courtney Kucera Clemson University
Wade Hawkins Clemson University

*To contact the local organizing committee, please email WSOF-2019@LISTS.CLEMSON.EDU  

International Steering Committee

Name Country
Christiano de Matos Brazil
Cristiano M. B. Cordeiro Brazil
Juan Hernández-Cordero Mexico
Walter Margulis  Sweden
Hwa-Yaw Tam  Hong Kong, China
Bai-Ou Guan Hong Kong, China
Kyriacos Kalli Cyprus
John Ballato  USA
Liang Dong  USA

Technical Program Committee

Name  Affiliation Country
Jacques Albert Carleton University Canada
Rodrigo Amezcua Correa University of Central Florida United States
John Ballato Clemson University United States
Igor Bufetov FORC of RAS Russia
John Canning University of Technology Sydney Australia
Adrian Carter Coherent Nufern Australia
David DiGiovanni OFS United States
Liang Dong Clemson University United States
Peter Dragic University of Illinois United States
Mark Dubinskiy ARL United States
Ben Eshel AFIT United States
Sebastien Fevrier University of Limoge France
Cliff Headley OFS United States
Stuart Jackson Macquarie University Australia
Ming-Jun Li Corning United States
Matthias Jäger IPHT in Jena Germany
Kyriacos Kalli Cyprus University of Technology Cyprus
Jens Kristian Lyngsø  NKT Photonics Denmark
Jon Maikisch  Harris Corp United States
Walter Margulis Acreo Sweden
Alexis Mendez MCH Engineering LLC United States
Michael Messerly LLNL United States
Daniel Milanese Politecnico di Torino Italy
Kyunghwan Oh Yonsei University Korea
Yasutake Ohishi Toyota Technical University Japan
Bishnu Pal Bennett University India
Francesco Poletti University of Southampton United Kingdom
Siddharth Ramachandran Boston University United States
Mohammed Saad Thorlabs United States
Jayanta Sahu University of Southampton United Kingdom
Kunimasa Saitoh Hokkaido University Japan
Axel Schulzgen CREOL United States
Brandon Shaw NRL United States
Hwayaw Tam Hong Kong Polytechnic University Hong Kong
Ji Wang Corning Incorporated United States
Michalis Zervas Southampton University United Kingdom
Important Dates


DEPS Short Course Registration Ends - October 20

DEPS Short Course - November 5: 8am - 4pm 

Exhibitor Booth Set-up - Tuesday (Nov 5): 2pm - 6pm 

Exhibit Hours: 

Exhibit: Wednesday (Nov 6) and Thursday (Nov 7): 8am - 5:30pm 

Exhibit: Friday (Nov 8): 8am - 12pm 

Pack up - Friday (Nov 8): 12pm - 3pm