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Guidelines on Sabbatical Leaves

Clemson University's policy on sabbatical leaves, as articulated in the Faculty Manual (see Section VIII, pp.8-9), states that "The purposes of sabbatical leave are to relieve faculty of normal duties so that they might pursue significant projects facilitating their professional growth and development, thus enhancing their future contributions to the mission of the University." To ensure that these purposes are met, all proposals for sabbatical leave will be considered subject to the following guidelines and procedures.

• The faculty member wishing to take sabbatical leave must prepare a proposal containing a concise description of the goals of the leave, the activities to be pursued, a definition of how the leave will contribute to the faculty member's professional growth and development, a clear indication of how the leave will be of future benefit to the Department, the College, and the University, and the faculty member's qualifications for undertaking and completing the proposed activities. At the request of the President of Clemson University, a section entitled "products of the sabbatical" must be included in the proposal. The proposal, moreover, is to contain a statement addressing any restrictions, which may be imposed, limiting the use of data or practice of knowledge acquired during the sabbatical leave.

• A concise companion document, prepared by the faculty member, addressing how continuing responsibilities will be managed during the term of the sabbatical leave must be attached to the proposal. Usual teaching assignments, graduate advisees, research projects, disposition of incentive funds, etc., should be addressed in consultation with the department chair.

• The candidate's narrative proposal, companion document, and standard university form for sabbatical leaves must be submitted for review to an elected departmental committee, chaired by the Department Chair, no later than January 31 (for sabbaticals beginning in the Fall semester ) or no later than May 1 (for sabbaticals beginning in the Spring semester). The departmental committee reviews the proposal from the viewpoint of the benefits that will accrue to the individual, the Department, and the College, and whether the department is able to accommodate the leave from the viewpoint of departmental staffing, teaching assignments, faculty workloads, and budget restrictions and limitations. Within two weeks of receiving the proposal (February 14 or May 15), the committee forwards its recommendation to the dean with a copy to the applicant. The dean subsequently forwards his/her recommendation to the Provost by February 28 or June 1 for further action in accordance with the Faculty Manual.

• Within 30 days of completing a sabbatical leave and resuming duties in the College, the faculty member must file with the department chair, with a copy to the dean, a written report on his/her professional activities and accomplishments during the leave period. The dean provides a copy of this report to the Provost. A faculty member returning from sabbatical leave is expected to return to regular service with the College for at least one contract year (either 9 months or 12 months).

Revised May 2020

Further information on the Sabbatical Leave Program and Form can be found on the Provost site.