The Sabbatical Leave program provides an opportunity for Clemson University faculty to continue their professional development. The purposes of sabbatical leave are to relieve faculty of normal duties so that they might pursue significant projects facilitating their professional growth and development, thus enhancing their future contributions to the mission of the University.

Fall 2018 Sabbatical Topics

  • College of Architecture, Arts and Humanities

    Refugee Futurity: Global Forms of Refuge and Refusal - Angela Naimou

    Moral Perception, Emotion, and the Development of Character – Charles Starkey

    OilWorks: Raising Environmental Consciousness in New Artworks for “Petroscapes” Solo Exhibition; and “Transitions” Petrocultures International Conference Presentation – Kathleen Thum

  • College of Behavioral, Social and Health Sciences

    Enhancing Clemson University Travel and Tourism Graduate Education on the South Carolina Coast – William Norman

    Understanding Successful Mountain Biking Destinations – Charles Chancellor

    Development of an Entry Level Master’s Degree for Recreational Therapy – Marieke Van Puymbroeck

    There’s Something in These Hills: A cultural anthropologist examines South Carolina mountain communities – John Coggeshall

    Political theorist investigates the Dutch origins of modern political thought – Brandon Turner

  • College of Business

    Cross-disciplinary international research projects and Introduction of the Innovative Teaching Method – Lucy Chernykh

  • College of Education

    Research, Writing, Invited Talks and Workshops on STEAM Education and Game-Based Learning – Danielle Herro

  • College of Engineering, Computing and Applied Science

    Synthesis, characterization, and application of magnetic materials for biomedical applications – Thompson Mefford

    Developing algorithms for single molecular sequencing (SMS) reads – Feng Luo

  • College of Science

    Research and establish a pipeline for high quality graduate students to come to Clemson – Mishko Mitkovski

    Develop new collaboration projects with mathematicians in Europe and establish contacts with the graduate programs in order to attract graduate students to Clemson – Svetlana Poznanovikj