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Centers, Alliances and Affiliated Institutes


Research is fundamentally important in the College of Engineering, Computing and Applied Sciences, and because of that, externally funded research provides graduate education support and allows faculty to stay at the cutting edge of science and technology. The level of research activity in the college continues to grow at a phenomenal rate.

Clemson Centers

Campbell Graduate Engineering Center (CGEC) (0926)

Dr. Zoran Filipi, Executive Director
Campbell Graduate Engineering Center @ CU-ICAR
4 Research Dr., Greenville, SC 29607
(Voice) 864-283-7212

Center for Advanced Engineering Fibers and Films (CAEFF) (0910)

Dr. Amod A. Ogale, Director
203 Earle Hall
(Voice) 864-656-5483; (Fax) 864-656-0784

Center for Advanced Materials for Thermoelectric Energy Conversion (CAMTEC)

Dr. Terry Tritt, Director
103 Kinard Lab
(Voice) 864-656-5319

Center for Optical Materials Science and Engineering Technologies (COMSET) (0923)

Dr. Steve Foulger, Director
AMRL, 91 Technology Dr., Clemson Res. Park
(Voice) 656-1045; (Fax) 656-1099

Center for Workforce Development

Dr. Anand Gramopadhye
109 Riggs Hall
(Voice) 656-7089; (Fax) 656-0795

Center of Excellence in Mathematics & Science Education (CEMSE) (0981)

Dr. Calvin Williams
Mathematical Sciences, O323 Martin Hall
(Voice) 864-656-5241: (Fax) 864-656-7018

Construction Industry Cooperative Alliance (CICA) (0912)

Dr. Ronald Andrus, Director
114 Lowry Hall
(Voice) 864-656-0488

CU Electrical Power Research Association (CUEPRA) (0930)

Elham B. Makram, Director
303 Riggs Hall
(Voice) 864-656-3378; (Fax) 864-656-1347

Institute for Global Road Safety and Security (0931)

Dr. Kim E. Alexander, Executive Director
D141 Poole AG Center
(Voice) 864-656-0664

Institute for Innovation in Building Materials

Dr. Denis Brosnan, Director
100 Clemson Research Blvd., Anderson, SC 29625
(Voice) 864-656-1095; (Fax) 864-656-1095

Institute of Sustainability Education

Dr. Leidy Klotz
208 Lowry Hall
(Voice) 656-3326

Laboratory for Emerging Materials

Dr. Ya-Ping Sun, Director
469 Hunter
(Voice) 864-656-5026

Micro Fabrication Facility at Clemson University

Bill Delaney, Manager
91 Technology Dr.
Anderson, SC. 29625

National Brick Research Center (0908)

Dr. John Sanders, Director
The Bishop Center, Clemson Research Park
(Voice) 864-656-0604; (Fax) 864-656-1095

Nuclear Environmental Engineering Sciences and Radioactive Waste Management (NEESRWM)

Timothy DeVol, Director
167 Rich Lab/Research Park
(Voice) 864-656-1014; (Fax) 864-656-0672

Real-Time Power and Intelligent Systems (RTPIS) Laboratory

G. Kumar Venayagamoorthy, Director, and Duke Energy Distinguished Professor
303 Riggs Hall
(Voice) 864-656-5936; (Fax) 864-656-1411

SC Bioengineering Center of Regeneration and Formation of Tissues (SCBioCRAFT)

Dr. Naren Vyavahare, Director
401-1 Rhodes Research Center
(Voice) 864-656-5558

South Carolina’s Coalition for Mathematics and Science (0977)

Dr. Tom Peters, Director
100 Technology Drive, Research Park, Pendleton, SC 29670
(Voice) 656-1863; (Fax) 656-1864

South Carolina Translational Research Improving Musculoskeletal Health (SC TRIMH) (0948)

Dr. Hai Yao, Director
Tommy Gallien, Program Manager
301 Rhodes Research Center
(Voice) 843-876-2409

Statistics and Mathematics Consulting Center

Dr. Ben Sharp, Director
O-113 Martin Hall
(Voice) 656-3433

Clemson Institutes

Bioengineering Alliance of South Carolina (0906)

Dr. Richard Swaja, Director
BSB 612, Medical Univ. of South Carolina, 171 Ashley Ave., Charleston, SC 29425
(Voice) 843-792-0430;
(Fax) 864-656-4466

Clemson Apparel Research (CAR) (5710)

Dr. Christine W. Cole, Director
500 Lebanon Road, Pendleton, SC 29670
(Voice) 864-646-8454;

Clemson Environmental Institute (5722)

Dr. Tanju Karanfil
Rich Lab, Clemson Research Park
(Voice) 653-9562;

Clemson Institute for Biomedical Science and Engineering (5724)

Dr. Martine LaBerge
401 Rhodes
(Voice) 656-5557; LABERGE @CLEMSON.EDU
(Fax) 864-656-4466

Conservation Center

Dr. Stephanie Crette, Director
1250 Supply Street, Building 225, North Charleston, SC 29405
(Voice) 843-730-5093; Scrette@CLEMSON.EDU
(Fax) 843-744-1489

Electron Microscope Facility

Dr. Lax Saraf, Director
EM Lab, 91 Technology Dr., Research

SC Institute for Energy Studies (SCIES) (5711, 5712)

Dr. Robert Leitner, Director
200 Dillard Building, 400 Klugh Ave., Clemson, SC 29634
(Voice) 864-656-2267; RLEITNE@CLEMSON.EDU
(Fax) 864-656-0142

Clemson SmartState Centers

CU-International Center for Automotive Research (CU-ICAR)

David Clayton, Executive Director, CU-ICAR
AVP, Corporate Partnerships & Strategic Initiatives
5 Research Dr., Greenville, SC 29607
(864) 283-7119;

Department Chair & Timken Endowed Chair in Vehicle System Design

Dr. Zoran Filipi
Campbell Graduate Engineering Center

BMW Endowed Chair in Automotive Manufacturing

Dr. Laine Mears
Campbell Graduate Engineering Center

BMW Endowed Chair in Systems Integration

Dr. Chris Paredis
Campbell Graduate Engineering Center

Michelin Endowed Chair of Vehicular Automation

Dr. Venkat Krovi
Campbell Graduate Engineering Center

J. E. Sirrine Textile Endowed Chair in Advanced Fiber-Based Materials

Dr. Marek Urban
(Voice) 656-1155;

Optical Materials/Photonics

Dr. John Ballato, Director
AMRL, 91 Technology Dr., Clemson Res. Park
(Voice) 656-1035;

Comporium and Palmetto Net Chair of Optoelectronics

Dr. Eric Johnson
215 Riggs Hall
(Voice) 656-5763;

Fluor Corporation Endowed Chair in Supply Chain and Logistics

Dr. Scott Mason
124 Freeman Hall
(Voice) 656-5645;

Cyber Institute

Dr. Darren Dawson
105 Riggs Hall
(Voice) 656-5650;

Advanced Tissue Biofabrication

Dr. Larry Dooley
300 Brackett Hall
(Voice) 656-7701;

Regenerative Medicine

Dr. Martine LaBerge
401 Rhodes Hall
(Voice) 656-5557; LABERGE@CLEMSON.EDU