Clemson Environmental Institute

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Welcome to the Clemson Environmental Institute (CEI). The main goal of CEI is to promote and assure the participation of faculty from many departments in research related to environmental issues. Clemson University has a long tradition of environmentally related research. CEI provides a focal point for faculty and students to collaborate on research projects of mutual interest. The Institute plays a role in updating instrumentation that is essential for making leading edge measurements of environmental contaminants such as N-Nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA) and bromate. In addition, CEI sponsors campus-wide events that have an environmental theme, including guest speakers and films. CEI also sponsors student attendance at meetings such as the annual South Carolina Environmental Conference, where participants have an opportunity to network with consultants, utility managers, and government officials.

We welcome your feedback and participation. Contact information is provided on the adjoining tabs, as well as the CEI mission, goals, infrastructure, events, and the faculty with ties to CEI.