Make a Gift to the IBIOE

 Make a Gift to IBIOE

The IBIOE needs the support of private donors to maintain the center on the cutting edge of medical training and research in the short- and long-term. Endowment funds, outright gifts, and/or the facilities or programs they support may bear the name of the donor or someone the donor chooses to honor.

Needs include:

Laboratories Outfit: to equip the tissue test system biofabrication laboratories as well as cyber-collaboratory; needs range from individual equipment pieces to sets.

Research Funds: to provide continuing seed funds for new research initiatives in areas of disease prevention and treatment.

Professorships: to provide professional development funds for research faculty in IBIOE-relevant research areas. Five research professorships are slated for these areas: biofabrication, pharmaceutics, cancer cell biology, chemistry, and haptics/instrumentation.

Student Development: to ensure continuing partial support for clinical/industrial/regulatory internships, participation in national scientific conferences, research stipends, and related training opportunities.

Please contact Dr. Guigen Zhang for more information or to arrange your gift.

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